Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: A passionate night (35)

My Jace*—- came around to my side of the car and opened my door. Together we started up to his apartment. Finally, I was here. What lie behind that door? His apartment was on the second floor just one over from the end and from the top of the stairs. He stopped at the door, fiddling with his key ring, he took a key off his chain and handed it to me. He looked into my eyes and said, “Here is the key to my pad. Now you can come and go as you please.” I smiled, said thank you, telling him how thoughtful it was of him to do that. Giving Jace’s*—- history, that was a very big step as he had a trust issues with everyone, but especially with woman.

Jace*—- opened his front door and guided me in first. As I walked through the door it was obvious that this was a man’s home. That is not being said in a negative way. It just yelled masculinity. By the front door was a skull of a bull. To my surprise hanging on the bull’s horns were a pair of my panties that had been put in his duffle bag from our trip to Hawaii. We had hurriedly packed our bags to catch the plane back to Los Angeles and just threw our clothes in which ever bag that was available. I wondered what had happen to them. He placed his hat on one of the horns and then felt my panties lovingly. Next to the door was one of his rifles. If you looked to the left you saw Lieutenant Dan and Little Britches (Boa Constrictors) in their cages. It was almost a statement and took up about ¼ of the wall. Right next to their homes was the couch. Now, when I say right next to it, I mean if you turned your head to the right, you were at times eye to eye with Lieutenant Dan. Kind of discerning, but I took comfort in two things,

  1. They never escaped from their cages
  2. If by chance they did I was way to big for them to eat.

Behind his couch on the wall were a picture of two buffalo fighting each other that he called Father and Son. It symbolized his relationship wit his step dad. Around it was many deer antlers from his love of hunting. How he enjoyed the “Back Strap” of the deer. The wall that cornered off from there had 2 more rifles and hanging from the ceiling was a mold of a large mouth bass he had caught on one of his fishing adventures. He was very proud of that catch. His art that hung on that wall was very interesting. It was a picture of a topless woman serving chicken breasts on a platter. The irony being that girls are sometimes called chicks and well my man was a breast man. It made me laugh and wonder where in the world did, they sell such things. He had warned me about the art in his apartment. But he never really went into what they were in particular. Over the top of his entertainment center he had his sign that said, “Buck’s Bar and Grill.” On the same wall, but on the other side of the doorway leading to his bedroom, was another piece of art, that was painted by a local artist from Austin. It was of a woman laying on her back nude, and where her vagina is was a skull of a vicious dog with its mouth open showing it teeth. The artist signed it for him, addressing it to Jace*—-. I give you this information because it tells you of his past experiences with women. To say the least Jace*—- was jaded, yet he only treated me with kindness and the deepest respect. Next came the kitchen which had the typical fridge set up like a bachelor. A kitchen table that was his Grandmas was front and present. It held many memories of the love they shared. He spoke of sitting at the table and talking for hours with his Grandma and Grandpa. It also had his initials that he had craved into it as a teenager of which he got a major talking to for his actions. She use to play the piano and tried endlessly to “learn” Jace*—- how to play it. Jace*—- was musically inclined but did not share her interest in the piano. He played the trumpet; I believe in the High School Band.  Just a side note, his Grandma lost her sight due to of type 1 diabetes later in her life. Jace*—- described in such a beautiful way how she would put her loving hands on his face to identify him. It touched his heart so deeply. His Grandma was the only person, and later myself that was ever allowed to lovingly cradle his face. This was because of being slapped or hit in the face often while growing up. Now that you get the lay out of most of his apartment we shall proceed with the rest of our day.

Jace*—- showed me to his couch to take a seat. He asked me if I would like something to drink, adding that never, never drink Texas water. I asked for a coke and he had a Coor’s Light. It had been pretty hot at the lake, so our drinks were very refreshing. Asking me to move over a bit he took a seat right next to me. Before I knew it, we were engaged in some heavy kissing and foreplay. Jace*—- had always been slow and easy with me, so it kind of caught me off guard. Talk about Romance Novels, he had hunger in his eyes, Jace’s*—- eyes and everything else spoke of great passion. He laid me down on the sofa but we quickly took it to the bedroom. We were enjoying each other immensely, when there was a knock on the front door. This knock was not ending and becoming more intense. Soon we heard his friend Cletus, (not his given name, but Jace’s*—- nickname for him) yelled out, “Jace answer the door. I know you are in there.” All activity stopped and Jace*—- whispered, “Just stay quiet and he will go away.” After about 5 more minutes, Cletus left. But then the phone rang. Of course, it was Cletus. If nothing else he is persistent. Jace*—- answered after Cletus repeatedly called, and told him he was otherwise engaged in activities with his girlfriend, so he would get in touch with him much later, like tomorrow. After Jace*—- hung up, he told me that he had informed Cletus that I was coming into town and not to bother him today. Cletus was younger than Jace*—-. They were close, sort of in that “Good Old Boy” way. It became quite clear over the years we were together, that Cletus was not fond of the time Jace*—- and I spent together. In saying that, Cletus was never mean to me, Jace*—- would have put a quick stop to that and put him in his place. Unfortunately, there was always this thing between Cletus and myself, slightly easing up once he got married.

The rest of the evening consisted of Pizza, a little television, and a lot of love making. It was wonderful to share Jace’s*—- bed and I loved how we cuddled all night long. It truly was a piece of my heaven here on earth.

Next day 2 of our time together.

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