Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Behind Closed Doors (50)

It’s Tuesday, our second day at Mammoth. Jace*—- has mentioned more than once how he loves being here and is so thankful that my sister Alanna has let us stay in her condo. This is his element, his place of peace. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice and feel it in his soul. He is meant to be among and in nature. He comes alive in a way that is so beautiful. It makes me so happy to see him this way. Waking up next to him is always a place of love for me, but out here in bed looking out the bedroom window seeing the trees, squirrels running amok, and all of God’s creatures brings even more unity to our souls. I believe we have been together in many life times before this one. I’ve seen them and felt them at various times of my existence. I know in one we lived in the mountains, among the woods, by a stream and with all kinds of critters, of which we communed with on many levels.

Today, we will explore the lakes and Mammoth in itself. But first it’s breakfast time. I actually can cook a decent breakfast. So, it’s out to the kitchen where I am preparing eggs over medium, hash browns, sausage, bacon and toast. Of course, there will be coffee for my man. A good hearty meal to start our adventure. While cooking Angie stayed close by and helped out, while Jace and her boyfriend went outside the condo to explore nature. Nothing like smelling the beautiful pine trees, the crisp mountain air and breakfast cooking all together. This is the life. It seemed as though all enjoyed the meal. After clean up, we were on our way to explore nature.

First stop, the Mammoth Lakes. Jace*—- loves the water and scouting it for fishing possibilities. Looks like there is some good places to catch fish. In our exploration we did come upon one lake that had a warning sign, “Danger Co2 area ahead.” The area had trees in various states of death. Very eerie and where the lake stood was mostly of a grey paste existence. Of course, my Jace*—- was all into exploring what this all meant.

He found out that since 1980, scientists have monitored geologic unrest in Long Valley Caldera and at adjacent Mammoth Mountain, California. After a persistent swarm of earthquakes beneath Mammoth Mountain in 1989, geologists discovered that large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) gas were seeping from beneath this volcano. This gas is killing trees on the mountain and also can be a danger to people. U.S. Forest Service rangers noticed areas of dead and dying trees on the mountain. After drought and insect infestations were eliminated as causes, a geologic explanation was suspected. USGS scientists then made measurements and discovered that the roots of the trees were being killed by exceptionally high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the soil. Needless to say, we will not be fishing in this lake.

The other lakes were all very beautiful and serene. We walked the areas, where Jace*—- showed me animal tracks, nests and we watched critters that were all around. He talked with me about the different types of plant life and trees. Nature at its finest. I love to explore nature with my Jace*—-. He is so knowledgeable. He takes time to share and explain. I love how he lets me in on his thoughts. He is so patient. To put this experience into words, is nearly impossible for me. It’s like we are one, in a place where we have been and should be.

It was lunch time, so we stopped in a local café. Now it was time to go onto the main street in town to do some grocery shopping. It’s always fun to pick out groceries with Jace*—-. It’s a process. He seems to know what is the best choice of meat, the freshest vegetables, and exactly what would be the best to devour. It’s almost methodical. We got what we needed for the rest of our trip and were on our merry way back to the condo, when we came across some road work. Seems they were ripping up the road on the main street through the shopping area. A construction worker in a work vehicle was taking up the whole street. There was no one directing traffic as to where to drive and really no visible signs telling us where to go. So, I waited for directions. Well, this did not go well as the construction worker, who had a few choice words telling me exactly where to go and how to get there, to which I replied “fuck you.” Sorry for my foul language. Jace*—- did not take kindly to this man talking to his woman this way. He was ready to get out of the car and go toe to toe with the guy. Last thing I wanted was for Jace*—- to spend the rest of our vaca in jail. So, I high tailed the car out of there. All along Jace*—- was telling me to pull over so he could knock some sense into this dude. Jace*—- felt he needed a lesson in how to treat a lady. He is always ready to defend me and protect me. He expects all to respect and honor me. I being mostly on my own have learned how to deal with these people.  I almost always take in consideration what he says, and mostly follow his lead, but not this time. He cooled down as went on back to the condo.

Tonight, Jace*—-  cooked steaks for us. I made baked potatoes and a salad. He got the BBQ going. I kept going out there to check on him. Probably silly, but what if a bear could smell his delicious steaks. I didn’t want Jace*—- to end up being a bear’s dinner. But it all turned out well and tasted very good with compliments to the chef.

After dinner we took a walk down the street the condo was on, just enjoying the beauty and the fresh air/beautiful smell of the pine trees. When we came back, Jace*—- started a fire and we talked about our adventures of the day. Then it was off to bed and well like the song goes, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

“Behind Closed Doors”

My baby makes me proud

Lord, don’t she make me proud

She never makes a scene

By hangin’ all over me in a crowd

‘Cause people like to talk

Lord, don’t they love to talk

But when they turn out the lights

I know she’ll be leavin’ with me

And when we get behind closed doors

Then she lets her hair hang down

And she makes me glad that I’m a man

Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

My baby makes me smile

Lord, don’t she make me smile

She’s never far away

Or too tired to say “I want you”

She’s always a lady

Just like a lady should be

But when they turn out the lights

She’s still a baby to me

‘Cause when we get behind closed doors

Then she lets her hair hang down

And she makes me glad I’m a man

Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

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