Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: My Jace*–the Fisherman (51)

Jace 51*

Today it’s mostly about fishing. My Man is all about fishing, you can’t go to the Sierra’s without throwing in a line. Our first stop was at the Mammoth Welcome Center. It is managed by the U S Forest Service and operated with the National Park Service. We perused the pictures and the animals that they had on display that made their home in the Mammoth area. There were so many critters that we hadn’t seen. We still had a few days so maybe there is still a chance to see more wild life. As of present we have seen has been some squirrels (one of my favorites), a herd of Elk and some hawks.

They have all kinds of amazing information on the area along with maps. What better place to go to find out where the best fishing is at and of course we can’t forget a California Fishing License. My Man always purchases Fishing and Hunting Licenses from Texas every year, but we are in Cali now. As we were at the desk, we over heard an old fisherman bragging about his secret fishing spot that never failed. We lingered until we got the information of it’s where abouts and high tailed it before all the fisherman took our fish. Jace*— told me that the old man could have been spinning a fisherman’s tale as, “A real fisherman never tells where his best fishing spot is.”

The “fishing spot” was a lake close to Yosemite. We stopped at an isolated one stop kind of store and picked up some bait for the lines. We got to the lake and it was so very beautiful. Jace*—- was so patient with the kids as he showed them how to put the bait on the hook and how to cast off. Angie caught some trees and Jace*—- helped her to let the trees go. They fished for a short while, all the while Jace*—- would tell us of some of his favorite fishing experiences. He mentioned about catching a fish and bringing it with him to Tweeter’s house. I heard there was a very funny picture taken that day. Someday maybe Tweeter will show it to me. All fish that was caught at the lake, lived to see another day. Jace*—- and I went on a little nature walk. My love walked a little ahead of me, exploring the wonders of nature. He came across fresh bear tracks. He was so excited that he came back and took me by the hand. Walking me over he showed me the tracks and the many wonders of nature he had come across in his short exploration. Seeing and hearing the excitement in his voice as he explained the knowledge about all he had come across on his walk. He is so happy when he is in nature and it warms my heart to see him this way. Unfortunately, that was the closest we came to seeing a bear.

We headed back towards the lake to gather all the fishing gear and the kids. It was time for lunch so we had a picnic by the lake munching on the sandwiches I’d made, chips, veggies and drinks. Tummies full, we went on our way to Yosemite.

We came up to the park entrance. I was so excited to show him the wonders and beauty of this National Park. Never entering from this side of the park, I had no idea what we would see. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. There were mostly rock formations. We were unable to get to the falls or the real gathering of the beautiful trees as we would have been on the road at dark and probably not able to get back to the condo until very late at night. I so wanted for him to see these amazing sites. He was not disappointed, but I knew what he was missing and I was sadden by it. We did get to see some beautiful scenery that day. I am very grateful for that. Turning around we headed back to the condo. It had been a very exciting and full day. The car ride back was quiet for all were a little tired out.

Once we got to the condo Angie and I made lasagna for dinner. Jace*— went out for a walk while we cooked dinner. We ate dinner and all seemed happy and satisfied. Another beautiful day in the Sierras, with my Jace*—-  exploring nature. Life was good and I was so very happy.

Next exploring the surroundings and a misunderstanding

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