Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (70) We plan our next visit

We were back to talking every night for hours at a time. Most of the time we would share our days, he’d tell me the histories of his life (mostly humorous), people we knew or our hopes and dreams of being together for the rest of our lives.

As the days went by, which turned into weeks, then a few months we made plans for me to come out to San Angelo to visit. I would come out in late January to visit my love. This time on advice of a fellow psychic and friend Annette, I decided to stay with him for 3 weeks. Before the longest we had stayed together was 7 days. This would help to see how compatible we could be for a longer period of time together. It was so exciting to be able to spend that much time together, but a little scary as well. Would we get along? Would I get on his nerves? Our time together would tell. I would be packing for 3 weeks and he would be subjected to my cooking for most days as well. That would be a challenge right there. I only have a few signature dishes and even those are not something to write home about, just ask my girls. I would have to expand my recipes, which I did with the help of my daughters whom are all very good cooks. They loved watching the cooking shows and I guess they have learned a lot by doing so.

This would also be the first time I had ever experience the winter season in Texas. I had been there for the summer and fall seasons. Weather can be quite the experience in Texas as Jace*—- would inform me. He told me Texas got the Northeastern weather coming down from Canada and the northern states as well as the topical weather coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. It could be quite the mix bag being hot as heck or changing on a dime becoming very, very cold. He would tell me you always have to carry a coat along in the car just incase. Now, when the Northeastern jet stream collided with the Golf’s jet stream look out for some serious weather. He use to talk about sitting on the roof tops watching tornados in the distance while drinking a beer with his friends. i once experienced thunder, it was so powerful that building shook. Lightning always was a sight and hail could easily do great damage with it being the size of golf balls at times. These were all extremes that a Southern California Beach girl was not use to. Cali people think we are freezing when it is in the fifties and it’s a heat wave when we hit the high 80’s. So this would be something to experience and get use too.

This time we planned on him showing me more of the city. I should get to know the area better. After all, if I planned to move there the following year, I needed to get accustomed to my new surroundings. I loved Texas, at least I loved San Angelo, and found the idea of living there very exciting. The people were friendly and kind. It was less crowded and I loved all of those things. I had wanted to leave Los Angeles County since I was 17 years old. Even back then I longed for a place that was much less crowded and had more nature and less cement. Later I would come to find out that Jace*—- worried about taking this big city girl into the country scene for a long period of time. He had been to California and saw the fast pace life out here. His mother mentioned that I might get bored with the simple way of country folk. He should take me to more cultural places and spend less time taking me out into nature. I’m pretty sure she meant well, but this girl had it with the city and longed for a slower pace with lots of wild life and places of nature to visit.

I was so looking forward to my trip to San Angelo, but most of all I was looking forward to being with the love of my life my Jace*—-.

Next our 3 weeks together.

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