Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Love At First Sight (1)

How do I run away when I can’t even step outside?

I’ve always escaped to a world of fantasy since a child. I felt comfortable there as if it was reality, a place I belonged. This started early in life before I even entered school. So, when I started it had not been long since my exit from Heaven. No wonder I was comfortable. Heaven is reality, Earth is not.

Knowing I am in quarantine like the rest of us, I decided to travel back to one of the times in my life which I consider as one of the best days of my life. Today I will take you with me in the first segment of my journey.

October 1st, 2002

It’s finally happened. After meeting Jace*—- in an AOL Chatroom on October 2001, chatting in private IM’s, and subsequently starting to converse over the phone, I was on a plane to a Wichita Falls, Texas to meet him face to face for the very first time. 

I had never done anything like this before and this truly was something I would never consider doing and warn others not to do. So why would I have taken this risk, this leap of faith? Because, even though I did not know what he looked like (still waiting on a picture either through email or U S Postal) I had hopelessly fallen in love with this man. The best I had was his description of himself which was not very flattering. He said things such as. ”My hair has been pissed off at me since birth, or that he was small in stature comparing himself to the Taco Bell Chihuahua and the tenacity of a Pit Bull.”

I was anxious, a little scared, excited, hopeful when I stepped on the American Airline Plane, the first leg of my adventure, destined for Dallas Fortworth Airport. I would pick up a connecting flight (a much smaller plane, seating 33 people) to Wichita Falls a very small airport. Nothing like anything I would be used to being a California girl from Redondo Beach flying out of LAX.

I sat in my assigned seat trying to prepare myself for this day’s event.  From my journal actual entry:

October 1st, 2002

Goodbye Cali, Hello my Darling Jace*—-. It’s almost been a year, a lot of hard work on both our parts. It’s gonna happen in about 4 hours. I will meet the man I have gotten to know & fallen in love with. I would never have believed that this would be happening a little over a year ago! I’m anxious, scared, excited and wanting 2 see him for the first time, touch his face, kiss his lips and feel his touch. Life is good!

I successfully made it through Dallas/Fort Worth airport in time to my next flight. I entered the plane knowing our time was coming soon. I would be staying in Texas for 5 days leaving on the 6th day going back to Cali. In a very short time we landed at the airport (ironically it would be to this very same place I would be saying my farewell as my love when he was laid to rest in 2006) going down steps to walk alongside the plane on the airstrip to the door leading into a small building being the Wichita Falls airport. I laughed to myself when remembering Jace*— saying to me when making arrangements for my visit, “We even have our very own airport!” I now understand why he said that to me.

I knew Jace*— would be late. Flights only came in there once a day. He would be coming from work and picking me up. He managed a Midas Muffler Store. The week prior I went to a friend and psychic Melody at The Psychic Eye in Fountain Valley to get some insight as to what to expect and how it would go seeing my Jace*—- for the very first time. Most of you know that I am a psychic medium, but when it comes to ourselves, we cannot always see clearly. One of my questions was, “Would I find him attractive?” She told me I would find him just average. Her words were “look into his eyes and you will be lost in love.”

I’m hoping I’m prepared. Everyone was picking up their luggage from their flight on a very small conveyor belt. It was probably 50 feet long that would circle back around. I got my luggage, went over to a soft drink machine and got a coke for myself and a diet coke for Jace*—-. I returned to the first rows of seats closest to the door where I stood with my back to the door and waited for his arrival. I figured that this way when I turned around, I had less time to see him and hopefully not show perhaps a not favorable reaction. Shortly I heard a voice from behind me a very deep voice with an amazing deep Texas drawl that I adored saying, “Hello Baaabeee.” 

To be continued.

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