Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: The Meet (2)

As I heard that sexy voice at my back, my tummy had butterflies. This was the moment I had been waiting for and thought it would never happen for close to a year.  I remember the conversation Jace*—- and I had the night before I left Cali. I asked if when I saw him, would it be alright to give him a hug? His reply, “Babe, why not go all out and give me a kiss?” I took a deep breath, put my big girl panties on and turned around for the big reveal. Keep in mind he had a picture of me, I had no idea of what I was about to see. Was he older than he said? Was he different than he described?

Slowly, with the diet coke for him in my hand, I turned to face him. My love stood there before me in his work uniform, wearing his day’s work all over him and gave me his beautiful smile. It was hard to see what he really looked like in his work clothes and automotive make up, so I did as Melody the psychic had told me. I concentrated on the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen. They were sky blue with yellow starbursts around the pupil. Melody had been right, for when I looked into his eyes, I saw his soul and it felt as though I had known this man for eternity. I recognized the love I held for him for as long as my soul could remember. In fact, eternity is what is ours as I learned after his passing. It was revealed to me that we are twin flames/twin souls. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, this is when upon creation of our souls we are split in two, one being ying energy and the other yang or feminine essence and masculine essence. This meaning that he is the completion of my soul so we are united together forever.

I handed him his soda of which he took from my hand and placed it on one of the chairs. He put his arms out, and I walked into them. I gave him a kiss. His kiss made me tingle and I felt safe in his arms. It confirmed my feelings. It felt right. He was my home.  Jace*—-  took my luggage as we walked to his Bronco. He started to place my suitcase into the truck but saw me causally walking toward the passenger door. “Babe, let me get that for you.” I would soon learn that he had Southern Charm, forever the gentleman. I was not use to that sort of treatment. It would take me a while to get accustomed to his manners. Jace*—- would constantly remind me to let him show his respect for me. Once telling me, “If I ever forget, just hit me in the arm.” I never had to do that nor, would I have done it anyway.

Jace was born in Wichita Falls, Texas but now hailed from San Angelo. He was asked to take a short leave from managing his Midas Muffler store. His boss and owner asked for his help to turn around this location. It had fallen into disarray due to the previous manager who walked off the job. The ex-employee had not been there most of the time and taken certain liberties. The company had set Jace*—- up in the local Econo Lodge for the duration of his stay.

I had learned many things in our long nightly phone conversations over the last 11 ½  months. He had his share of bad relationships having left Wichita Falls 1 ½ years ago. Escaping from a 12 year commitment with, well I’m just going to say it, a women that knew how to push all of his buttons, made him feel less than worthy, and was emotionally abusive to Jace*—-  he put 400 miles between them. He had broken up with her. Through this action she began to show instability.  She became threatening, stocking him. Although he never stated such, I believed we meet in Wichita Falls because he wanted to be sure I did not visit his now home town of San Angelo in case I was some kind of nut job. Lol Funny how I just threw caution to the wind when I knew he was a hunter and owned numerous fire arms. This was totally against my nature. I was not big on guns at the time and when thinking of hunting, the images of Bambi always came to mind. “Run Bambi, man is in the forest.” We all know that Texas is big on fire arms. Most carry one, trucks have rifle racks in their back window and signs in store and bar windows stating, “Keep your fire arms in your car.” I soon adapted to the way of Texas falling in love with the state and their people. After all it was easy. “Jace *—- was Texas.” Then came into play the fact of at age of 36, I had been gang raped. I had married Angie’s dad about a year later. When we broke up, I practiced celibacy for 12 years. This was due of my fear of men. Yet here I sat in a Bronco with a man I had never even seen a picture of and all I knew of him was from what he had told me. I acted on my own intuition. I had visions of this man since I was 27 years old. Oddly enough, in my visions I always saw the back of him, never revealing his face. I was now 51 years old and he was only 43.   

As we drove to the Motel, he kept the conversation going with his usual charm, his ability to make me laugh endlessly and showing me sights along the way. In truth, I don’t remember much of the conversation because it suddenly dawned on me, we hadn’t discussed my accommodations. Opps, what had I been thinking? Was I that drawn into this man to let that detail slip by? It would seem so.

Shortly we pulled up to the Econo Lodge. As we parked in front of his room a young woman called, “Hey Jace.” As we sat in the Bronco a conversation between them began, her standing next to the driver’s window. His elbow resting on the open window, she put her hand on his arm. He quickly pulled his arm in and placed his hand on the steering wheel than putting his right hand over mine. She was attractive and clearly, I could see she was smitten with Jace*—-. He introduced us. She said, “Hey,” but it became evident that she did not want me included in the conversation. Interestingly enough, Jace did not feel the least bit awkward or on edge. He made it known that he was with me and that she had her place in his life as a friend. He did so gently and with respect for me and her as well. This man had his ways, always amazing me. The convo ended, “With talk to you later, Chicken wings.” One of Jace’s interesting personality traits was he made his circle of friends his family, giving each of them a usual nickname meant with affection and humor.

Sitting there as time moved forward, I wondered if there was another room for me? Perhaps he had gotten an adjoining room for me? Were there 2 rooms behind the door? Were there 2 beds in the room? Just exactly what was to be revealed? Let it be known I never feared Jace*—-. He always treated me with respect and was at all times completely honest. I became very aware of exactly who this man was and what he represented. I knew he would never harm me. It was a knowledge that came from deep within my soul.  As I was consumed in thought I heard my car door open. He took my hand and helped me out. He gave me a quick kiss and lead me to “the door.” He reached around me and opened it wide for my eyes to get a full view. Now to take a step inside.

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