Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Behind Door 326 (3)

There I stood on the threshold of what would literally change my life forever. I hesitated and looked around. Jace*—- patiently waited with his hand on the middle of my back. From my view I saw a table and chairs. On the table were yellow roses in a vase. A further look into the room was a queen size bed, across from it was a television. Just past the bed was a couch along the wall with all of his clothes perfectly folded and taking up every bit of space available that was for there for sitting.

As I took a step through the door, I was very present and aware of what was now our accommodations. I sat at the table thinking that technically we had been courting for almost a year. I still was anxious as to what was to unfold. I had my coke sitting on the table in front of me. Funny how I was 51 reverting back to a young girl being very shy and naive. Jace was in no way intimidating, pushy or inappropriate with me. He was always the gentleman. He set my suitcase inside by the television.

Jace*—- sat in the chair by me and asked about my flight, if I was comfortable. Could he get anything for me? I replied the flight was good and I was doing well. He seemed happy with my answer. The topic about dinner came up. What kind of cuisine would I like? We decided on Chinese.

With our decision being made he excused himself to take a shower. Jace*—- wanted to be presentable and get all the work grime off of him.  He walked into the bathroom leaving the door open. From where I was sitting, I was not facing the door so I could not see inside.  Jace*—- in our conversations over the phone in the past, had mentioned that he was not in the least bit modest. He was not an exhibitionist, but as he said, “Hey, we all have the same equipment.” I stayed seated by the table, going over in my mind all the possibilities of what this visit may in tale. I found myself peeling off the styrofoam label of the coke is tiny pieces. As I sat there nervous and deep in thought, I heard the shower stop. Soon we would be going to dinner. In some way that was mildly comforting. I took my eyes off my coke and lifted my head as I heard movement into the room. To my surprise there stood Jace*—- facing the couch naked. I caught a glimpse of his backside. I felt like a school girl taking a peek in the boy’s locker room. I got to say I liked what I saw but I dropped my head embarrassed. I don’t think he even realized that I saw him for nothing was ever said between us about it.

He picked out his clothes, went back into the bathroom to get dressed. I made sure my head was down just in case, for even though he was not modest, I am ridiculously so. A short time later he came out of the bathroom fully dressed in tight blue jeans, cowboy boots and a long sleeve chambray shirt. He was clean shaven and had put men’s cologne on. It was something manly from Mary Kay cosmetic line. He cleaned up very nicely. The blue from his shirt made his eyes pop with exquisite alluring color. He looked very attractive. He asked if I was ready. So off we went with him of course escorting me to my side of the Bronco and promptly opening the door.

We arrived at the Chinese restaurant. It was an all you can eat buffet. Jace had a couple of beers and more than a few plates of various Chinese food. One plate had a mountain of shrimp. For the life of me I couldn’t imagine where he put all that food. I ate very little, trying to act like a lady. Lol

Soon after light conversation, enjoying our food, it was time to go back to the Motel. Jace*—- asked if I would drive the Bronco, so with some convincing I got behind the wheel and drove us very slowly back to the room. 

Once we got there I again sat at the table. Jace— picked up on my being nervous, asking me if I was alright. I answered yes, but in fact it was far from the truth. We talked. He got me laughing which helped to relax me. We watched a little television. Next, he put slow music on, we started to dance. That was the lead in for romance. I have to admit it was heaven being in his arms. Time flies, next thing I know it is time to go to bed. I escaped into the bathroom where I changed into a night gown (nothing sexy) and a robe. I appeared next to the bed. Jace*—- was there under the covers waiting. Let’s remember that I had not been with a man for 12 years. I was also working through the rape. Jace*—- knew about it, and helped by talking with me threw the experience. I pulled back the covers, turning my back as I slipped off my robe. I sat on the down moving slowly into my side of the bed. I was hugging unto the edge when Jace said, “Come a little closer babe. I won’t bite.” One thing went to another. The most important thing about this story was that before we made love, My Jace*—- asked for my permission. I can’t begin to express how much that meant to me. He had heard my story about the rape previous to coming here. He picked up on my fear and hesitation. He was thoughtful enough to make sure I felt safe to go ahead. Just another one of the many reasons I love him. I will not give details about our love making except to say that once we started, I said to myself in my head, “Its ok, it’s my Jace.” It was more than ok. It was wonderful, beautiful and a joining of souls.

Stay tuned to hear about the rest our visit.

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