Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: The Morning After (4)

After a wonderfully long night of love making, the morning came too soon. Jace*—- had to go to work so it was an early rise. I awoke to an alarm. Then I heard his voice. The voice that gave me happiness, a feeling of being safe, a sense of calm. Still in bed, he said, “What are you doing way over there on the other side of the bed?” Just barely awake, I hadn’t realized that I indeed was at the edge of the bed we were sharing. I heard concern in his voice. A question in his mind as to whether he had misread how well, how wonderful, our night had been. Did I have second thoughts about him? Had he overstepped his advances with me? I really stumbled with what words I was to say. Last night was amazing, it literally took my breath away. So far everything had been even more that I could have wanted or imagined. He was thoughtful, a gentleman, sensitive and a totally amazing lover. He made me feel beautiful, sexually desired, as if he was the luckiest man on Earth. It was different from any other experience I had ever had. Yet, it wasn’t just sex, it was uniting souls, becoming one. It felt right and like where I always belonged. I kind of sleepily came to my senses and turned to face him with a lazy smile on my face. His eyes went from worried to oh so happy. I said simply, “Good Morning” in a wakeup voice. I moved closer to him. Lying on his side, he pulled me in close. I received a long good morning kiss that made my body remember our previous night of pleasure. His body reacted and I knew we both had the same thing in mind. He looked into my eyes saying “That’s much better babe.” “Hummm, yes, it is,” was my reply. Contented we laid there in each other arms, wishing he didn’t have to leave. Things started to get a little busy. It was a perfect way for me to wake up. Happy, feeling loved, exactly where I wanted to be. It was real, I was there, realizing this is who I had been searching for all my life.

Our reunion was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was his boss. Unfortunately, he had to hurry in to Midas and meet him there. Jace turned to me saying, “I don’t want to get out of our bed. How can I? When I just realized the magic we have shared. I don’t want to leave this behind. I never have felt such a connection. I’m afraid if I walk out that door, things might change. Maybe it was just a dream. No one has ever made me feel this way. Promise me it’s real. Promise you will be here when I return. I give you my word, I won’t work late. I will be back as soon as the clock strikes 5:30.” Oddly enough I knew how he felt. The whole thing felt almost to good to be true.

With our renewed confession of love for each other, Jace*— got dressed, kissed me good bye. Then he apologized for having to leave me cooped up in the room all day. I truly didn’t mind as I was walking on air.

The door closed. I found myself alone with my thoughts. I was in heaven. I got dressed. I grabbed a donut that he had brought in from the night before for breakfast. Sitting on the bed that had given me so much happiness, I began to write in my journal, recalling the incredible night before. Turning on the television, browsing through the channels I was trying to see what they had to offer. Not a whole lot. I got caught up on a local channel, that was quite the hoot. They told of local information in the city, advertising upcoming garage sales, babies that had been born and the best deals at the stores. I have to say that was very entertaining. Deciding to go to the front desk, I asked for a key to the room. They gave it to me with no questions. Small towns had their own rules it seemed. It was close to lunch so I decided to go down aways to the entrance of the motel property, to an Arby’s that I had seen driving in the day before. I chose a turkey sandwich. Going back to the room, I settled in to watching Days of Our Lives. The sandwich was tasty but after eating half of it I was full. I wrapped it up and placed it in the ice chest Jace*—- had bought. Still involved with my soap, which was coming to a close, I heard Jace’s*—- truck. I was all excited as he opened the door. He couldn’t stay long but he had brought me lunch from Popeyes Chicken. I thanked him, explaining he was so thoughtful. I explained I’d save it for tomorrow as I had gone down to the Arby’s. Jace’s*—- eyes got big as saucers. He explained to me that I was not to go down there again. It seemed that people who took drugs hung out there. I wasn’t safe. “Please do not go down there again,” he said. I told him I was sorry to worry him and I would not go there again without him. We kissed goodbye once again. I thought to myself, poor guy he forgets I’m from Los Angeles and that’s an everyday occurrence. I smiled at how much he cared. It really made me feel good.

Time was coming soon for his arrival from work. I freshened up, dressed up, waiting patiently for Jace*—- to walk through the door. Shortly, I once again heard the Bronco. I went to the ice chest, popped a beer open to hand him as soon as he came inside. There was my man. He said, “Hi Babe,” took the beer and placed it on the table. Taking me into his arms he gave me a kiss that sent shivers down my spine and made me never want to let go. Coming up for air, we sat down. He talked about his day at work. Same thing we would do on the phone starting out our conversations from miles away. The difference, he was right there in front of me. Oh I could so get use to this. I came to Texas to see if my feelings were true. Was I hopelessly in love with this man? Yes, yes, yes, for my feelings insured me that I had found the right one, the man of dreams, my soulmate, my one true love.

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