Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Abilities (12)

It was December 2002 and it had been 2 months since I kissed his lips, felt his arms around me or cuddled him in bed. Looking back, I can’t believe that we waited almost a year before we meet each other face to face, it was far too long. Even just two months seemed like an eternity without my Jace*—-.

Our nightly conversations continued both on the phone and over the internet. Jace*—- was not aware of my psychic abilities as it was not something that I would bring up to anyone at the time. I could sense that he was not really comfortable talking about the subject or the possibilities that they existed within anyone. So, as time went on and he became more comfortable with me, I would gently open up conversations about different spiritual subjects and as I did he became more open with me. However, I still kept my secret about my gifts. I would soon discover that he had his own abilities, but for some reason he would not admit that he had them.

Here is one of those conversations:

Mermaid3389: It’s like magic Jace

Rumpld4skn: I know…..

Rumpld4skn: the beauty of chance meeting…….

Mermaid3389: yes, you are so right

Rumpld4skn: especially with someone as expressive and sensual as yourself……

Mermaid3389: have you ever astral traveled?

Rumpld4skn: yes, but I am careful with whom I discuss it…..

Mermaid3389: as am I

Rumpld4skn: I have since childhood……

Rumpld4skn: It’s part of surfing the Kosmos……

Mermaid3389: I’ve done it only a couple of times while I was awake……. But not by will….

Mermaid3389: can you do it whenever you want to?

Rumpld4skn: It simply comes to me…… most often, when I sleep

Mermaid3389: same here

Rumpld4skn: I don’t command it….. it merely flows into my consciousness……

Mermaid3389: me too…..

Mermaid3389: I wish I could

Rumpld4skn: key element is paying attention….. when it does

Mermaid3389: yes, this is true

Rumpld4skn: for me, it’s a mixed bag….

Mermaid3389: why?

Rumpld4skn: when negative occurrences com to me, it rocks me to the core….. makes me withdraw a bit…..

Mermaid3389: oh baby, I can see why…..

Rumpld4skn: but when beauty comes to me, it’s close to overwhelming…..

Mermaid3389: then let’s hope for beauty….

Rumpld4skn: I am sensitive to extremes….

Mermaid3389: I kind of picked up on that…..

Rumpld4skn: I always do, but sometimes. the Kosmos must show me the stark truth

Mermaid3389: things don’t come to you in the middle?

Rumpld4skn: the middle????

Mermaid3389: very good or very bad, not much on the half way mark?

Mermaid3389: you feel so intensely

Rumpld4skn: nooooo……. Because balance does not disturb the Kosmos

Mermaid3389: oh ok

Rumpld4skn: yes, I am a sponge….. sensitive to my surroundings, both physical and metaphysical (here he is describing his ability of clairsentience)

Mermaid3389: yes baby, I know…… it has to be very hard for you at times…..

Rumpld4skn: I absorb the “vibes” (lame terminology, I know) and filter them, sort them, and act upon them, accordingly and fitly….

Mermaid3389: that can be so taxing on your soul……

Rumpld4skn: at times, there can be a degree of alienation involved, as one may not discuss the Kosmos, with anyone, as so many cannot fathom the abstract…..

Mermaid3389: this is true, you must be careful with you speak and as you told me before how we relay the messages and what they mean……

Rumpld4skn: yeah…. I know….. you find out who you can trust, real quickly…..

Mermaid3389: there is not many we can trust I fear

Rumpld4skn: true, but I feel that I can trust you unconditionally…..

Rumpld4skn: and I don’t have that comfortability, with many…..

Mermaid3389: same here….

Rumpld4skn: far and few between…..

Mermaid3389: I feel very safe in your hands…..

Rumpld4skn: and I feel like wise, with you……

Mermaid3389: it is so special that we found each other….

Rumpld4skn: yes it is……

Rumpld4skn: and Buddha is smiling upon me!!!!!!!

Mermaid3389: lol, you’re so cute…..

Rumpld4skn: I found you, didn’t I?????

Mermaid3389: yes you did, I believe we were meant to be…..

Rumpld4skn: yes…….

Mermaid3389: we complement each other….. there is a understanding beyond compare……

Rumpld4skn: yes, and you enhance my life….

Mermaid3389: as you do mine…

Rumpld4skn: thank you, for being you…..

Mermaid3389: thank you…. Babe, you bring out the best in me……

Rumpld4skn: ahhhh……. But it was always been there. Always has been….

In this conversation, I came to realize that my Jace*—- was clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient and had the ability to astral travel awake or asleep. He never was open to it nor realized that he was psychic. It was not until after his passing that he had come to terms and finally had to admit that he had abilities. I feel that his reluctance was because he lived in an area and time that it would not be accepted, especially as a child. Because I never told him of my abilities, if I had to warn him of something, I would tell him that I had a dream. He would always appease me and listen to my warning as not to worry me.  Of course, after his passing he became very aware. How amazing it would be to find out that in our life path spiritual contract we agreed for him to pass before me, as he was to become one of my guides and help me to give readings.

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