Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: New Years Eve and here we come Hawaii (14)

New Years Eve was always special from the very first time we spent it together… on the phone.

The first New Year’s Eve set in stone, each New Year that we celebrated together thereafter. I remember talking with him the day before December 30th, 2001. I asked if he had plans for New Years. He told me he was not sure, friends could drop by or ask him out, but he had no formal plans. In turn, he asked me the same question. I told him that I don’t go out on that day because all the drunks are on the street, lol.  He laughed and we left it at that for the conversation on that subject.

December 31st, I received a phone call from Jace*—- around 8 pm that evening. I was kind of surprised. I knew he had no end to the number of friends that he had and that he had a “good old boy comradery” going on. He asked how I was doing and if I had time to talk. I said yes, that I was free all evening. We had the best time. I loved hearing his stories, they kept me endlessly laughing.

Flash forward December 31st, 2002. We had of course finally seen each other in October so we definitely had only planned on spending the night together. We settled in for a long evening on the phone. He had a beer ready to start out our celebration with each other and I had a White Russian. First, we talked about our day at work and then went on to any other news that may have happened in our life that day. Next, we went into how we had to see each other again and soon. It was just too hard going this long without being in each other’s arms. Somehow that conversation turned to how we both had wanted to see Hawaii someday. Neither of us had ever been there. We talked over the logistics, whether we could afford it and if we could get time off. Before the evening was through, we saw ourselves sitting on the beach in Oahu. We decided to move forward and find out how much it would cost, if there were good package deals and what we should bring. It was a very exciting dream that we hoped we could some how pull off.  

That night and like every other New Years Eve we ushered in the New Year in Texas, (10 pm my time) and the New Year in California (2 am his time). After the ball dropped, we would wish each other a Happy New Year, with hopes and desires that would bring us happiness together and for each other individually. We would end the evening professing our love for each other then saying Good Night. Good night my precious Jace*—- I will love for you eternity and then some.

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