Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Jace Comes to Cali (15)

We did it!!!! We got our tickets to Hawaii! Neither of us had ever been to the Islands. We really didn’t know what to expect. I guess we were kind of thinking the islands were more primitive than it ended up being. LOL! All we knew was that we were going to have the time of our lives.

The plan was for Jace*—- to fly into Cali on January 18th. He would spend the night with me and the next morning, we would be off to Hawaii! We were going to spend five days in Oahu. On January 24th we would be on the plane back from Hawaii. Jace*—- would spend one more night with me in my bed and on January 26th my love would go back to San Angelo. We were so excited.

It was a couple of days before my Jace*—- would be here and I had so much work to do. I wanted my apartment to look the best it could for him. Luckily, I started on some home improvements a couple of months prior. I painted the kitchen mint green and put an ivy border around the top of the wall.  The girls and I painted the front room fog white. At the top on the white wood panels Angie put pink cabbage rose decals. Becky painted the downstairs bathroom white. I had just finished painting the upstairs bathroom Powder Blue the prior week. Then all I had to make sure was that the apartment was clean and dusted.

Fast forward to January 18th, I now realize that as much as I tried and with the girls help, I would not get everything done around the apartment before I went to pick up my Jace*—- from the airport. With working and our nightly marathon talks there was only so much time in the day. I had to work and I would never give up talking with my love. It kept me going and I love that his voice was the last thing I heard before I went to sleep at night. Oh well I just had to come to terms with it.

Time was closing in on me. It was a short time before I got to pick my love up from the airport. I thought I should have had enough time to take a relaxing shower and still go through my after-bath beauty ritual to look the very best for my Jace*—-. While in the shower, I was singing happy songs. Thoughts came into my head about the beautiful moments we would share, and to be honest I couldn’t wait to share my bed with him. I would have his energy/essence on my bed forever more. Each night here after I would have memories of him there. I would be able to hold onto that each time I laid down and hopefully dream of him.

Shower time was over. I needed to dry off and start getting ready. The clock was ticking. First, I applied my Dream Angel Halo perfumed cream from Victoria’s Secret to my legs and arms so I would feel soft and smell yummy. It was time to get dressed in the outfit I laid out so carefully the night before, for his arrival. I slipped on my black jeans and put on my blouse which was just a touch sexy. I knew I wanted to emphasize my breasts as that was his favorite part of a woman’s body. Of course, I wanted to change my outfit, it seemed nothing would please me that day. I wanted to be perfect and well I didn’t feel like I was. Ugh. Time was slipping by faster. I wondered where the time went. I could only hope that he would be so excited to see me and to be there with me that he wouldn’t look that much into it. It was time for my make-up, time to curl my hair, oh and I couldn’t forget my contact lenses. I thought I should have just enough time. It had been three very long months since I’d seen my Jace*—-. Way too long for my liking. I wanted to look my very best for him. I crossed my mind that I should perhaps check on his flight. I was hoping it would be a few minutes late. I had to grab my make up bag. I knew it should be under the sink…….WHAT? It was always there. Oh my gosh, he couldn’t see me without my make up!!!!

“Angie, I need your help.”

“Calm down Momma. What’s the matter? It will be ok.”

“I can’t find my make-up.”

Angie looks in the usual place. Nope, it’s not there.

“Where’s the last place you used it, Momma?”

“I don’t remember, Angie. I can’t think.”

You can see Angie’s mind at work. She smiles and walks over to my suitcase that I packed late last night. She opens it. Turns to me and says, “Here it is Momma.” Angie saved the day.

“Thank you, baby. Can you call the airlines and check on Jace’s*—- flight?”

“Sure Momma.”

Deep breathes, I say to myself, as I apply my make-up. That’s done, my curling iron is hot and ready to go. I’m curling my hair and now all I have to do is comb through it. Next is my contacts and I will be on my way. I should just make it.

“Momma, I just got off the phone with American Airlines. Jace’s flight in is 20 minutes early. He should be landing in the next few minutes.”


“Don’t worry Momma, he will wait for you.”

“I know Angie, but this is Jace*—- we are talking about a small-town Texas Boy in California. No telling what kind of trouble he will get himself into.”

Contacts in, I ran to the car and drove like a mad woman to LAX. Wouldn’t you know it, my left contact kept falling out while I was driving.  Ugh, I didn’t have time to clean it and put it back in. So be it I just drove with one eye closed. God was with me and with Angel’s speed, I made it in 20 minutes. Now I just had to find a place to park. I made it inside, just in time to see the most wonderful sight, my Jace*—coming down the escalator. I ran into his arms and give him a big kiss. I didn’t want to let go of him. We came up for air and he gaves me that lazy smile that I love.

“Finally, I’ve waited for 3 months for this day. Love, you look perfect you’re so beautiful,” he said.

He pulled me in close, and we kiss again. We slowly walked to the luggage area where he grabbed a small red duffle bag. Wow, he packed light. I couldn’t imagine what he would think when he saw my luggage for Hawaii!

Coming next: Dinner, a few sights, a night of passion and our flight.

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