Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Dinner’s on me (18)

It was heavenly waking up to Jace*—- this morning. It seemed so natural. Receiving little kisses from my love made it easy to rise. All rested and ready to go, we hopped out of bed, got dressed and decided to walk along Waikiki Beach. The weather was amazing, as we walked hand and hand in the sand. Being that neither of us had ever been to the Islands before, I really should have done my research and made better plans. Then again, Jace*—- was a very spur of the moment kind of guy. To him that was half the fun. Strolling the water front, we stopped to enjoy the ocean waves. My man, the Island life, could life be more perfect?

Soon we found ourselves entering the Hilton Hawaiian Village. What a sight! There was Flamingos, a pond of Koi, Chameleons, Crowned Herons, and Macaws across the grounds. As we continued our walk we came upon a Starbucks in the Village. We popped in where we picked up coffee and a muffin. After filling our tummies, we wandered into the shopping area. “Aloha, come over here and choose a pearl for your lady,” a beautiful native Hawaiian girl chanted from “The Pearl Factory.” Holding Jace’s*—- hand he guided me toward a large half shell that was full of oysters. “Try your hand sir. Show your love what kind of fisherman you are.” My Jace*—- was studying the oysters as she spoke. “Do you know the legend?” the young clerk asked in an enticing voice. “No,” we both replied in unison. The native girl, enchantingly continued her story. “Legend has it that here in the Islands, women take care of their men and men to out to the seas and provide for their women. What kind of fisherman are you?” I had to jump in to say, “He is a very accomplished hunter and fisherman.” “Take a chance, lets see what you will get.” My Jace*—- took the tongs from her hand. After much concentration my love chose one. The clerk took the oyster from the tongs and placed it on a board.  Tongs still in Jace’s*—- hand the clerk told us that, “To ensure your love you must both put your hands together on the tongs, tap the oysters 3 times and finish by saying Aloha.” We played along. She cracked open the shell with a curved knife revealing a beautiful black pearl. I love pearls. Perhaps something to do with the fact that I am a Pisces. My favorites have always been black pearls. I threw my arms around Jace*—-, kissing him. I told him how much I loved the pearl. Both clerks in the booth commented on what good luck he had. They said that no one had gotten a black pearl in more than a few weeks. I was so impressed and in awe. They asked if he would be interested in setting the pearl in a necklace or a ring for his lady. He chose a gold necklace with a dolphin that would be wrapped around the pendent. It was a Wyland original. While they were setting my necklace, they had Jace*—- once again pick out another oyster. As they cracked it open its shell they squealed and gushed in excitement when they realized that my fisherman had once again gotten yet another black pearl. I was very pleased and proud because I knew that my man is best in all he does. My love took my new necklace and placed it around my neck. It meant the world to me. Jace*—- then said, “This pales in comparison to your Christmas gift.” With that he turned me around to face him and gave me a deep kiss.

We headed back to our Hotel room. We picked up lunch along the way. Once there we decided to lay down and take a little time to nap.  With him giving me passionate kisses and caressing me one thing led to another and we made sweet love. When we woke up from our peasant slumber, it was close to dinner time. My Jace*—- wanted to take me to dinner. Again, we had no idea where we would end up. So, we got dressed and headed down by the ocean again. “Come on Babe,” my Jace*—- said, holding my hand, stepping fast and lively on the beach front. With an endearing smile and a sparkle in his eyes, we were off to another adventure. Me, I was double stepping to try to keep up with his excited hurried pace. Little did I know what was instore for me.

Somehow, we once again found ourselves at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Hand in hand we wandered into a garden area. There was a corporate gathering of some sort happening. For the most part it was roped off. Jace*—- stopped and checked out the production from behind the rope. I could see that his mind was working, but for the life of me I could not understand what could be so interesting. There were security checking people coming into the party. Most of the guests were dressed in suits and ties, while ladies were in dresses. Most that were attending where Asian ethnicity. There was a main entrance where security checked invitations. They had quite the spread, shrimp, teriyaki chicken on spears, fruits, veggies and yes, an open bar. Security began to circulate around the crowd. Jace*—- took that as his cue. My love took me by the hand and coaxed me on, “Baby, you want to crash a party? Common on, let’s live on the edge.” My mind was swirling. Me? I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. It somehow sound exciting, but dare I? Surely, we would be noticed. My Jace*—- was dressed in his jeans, a Harley Davis T-shirt and his Harley Davis Do-rag and I was in a simple dress. This was not exactly what the party was wearing. Taking my hand, he said, “Come on Babe, just follow my led.” Oh hell, I’m here with my Jace*—- , I know that he will take care of me. We entered from an opening in the side. He walked right in like he belonged. Before I knew it, he was talking with different people in the group, laughing and fitting right in!!!!! I was in awe, giggling and thinking only something like this could happen with my Jace*—-. He was right at home. He was talking with the corp people like he was the President of the company and no one questioned him or his appearance. When introducing himself he would tell them he was from the Dallas/Fort Worth division. Crazy as it seems, we mingled, had dinner and drinks. It was like we were part of the group. After about 2 hours of him making new friends, we said goodnight and we were on our way back to the Hotel. We had another adventure under our belt, literally.
“How did you like dinner, Love?” My Jace asked. It’s one I will never forget. Food was delicious and I had the time of my life. Life was never dull with my Jace*—- around.

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