Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Diamond Head! What was I thinking? (19)

It’s a new day, My handsome man by my side and I’m happy and tingly all over. What should we do today? After a few minutes of thought, a little discussion, we decided to visit Diamond Head. I had wanted to see that volcano ever since I saw the movie “Diamond Head” in the movie theaters in 1963. It stared Yvette Minieux and George Chakirus. It was a romantic drama that I loved. So, with that still in mind I suggested it to My Jace*—- . He liked the idea and was down for our new adventure.

Up and dressed I suggested that we walk there from our Hotel. The road leading there was pretty much ocean front all the way. As far as I could tell through limited research it was only a mile walk. My Jace*—- agreed and didn’t question it. He was ready for the day and anxious to get started. Big, very big, mistake on my part.

We started our walk feeling ready for whatever may come our way. It was really very lovely at first. It was clear skies and beautiful weather. Hand in hand we came along a Mall. That would be our first stop. Jace*—- wanted to check it out and see if he could find a more comfortable pair of shoes for his feet. We saw many items, but did not want to carry them along with us on our journey, so we talked about revisiting the mall another day. Jace*—- found some sandals that made his feet happy, so we continued on our way. We enjoyed our view while walking and talked about the wonderment of Hawaii! Soon our tummies became rumbly and we kept watch for someplace along the way that we could eat. We happened to see a Hamburger Stand up ahead right on the beach. Looked perfect, we could sit at a table, watch the waves and the surfers, while we had our lunch. We both ordered Hamburgers, French fries and a soda. It hit the spot and were ready to continue our trek along the ocean front to our destination. I’d say that we were about half way there. I was thinking this walk seem a lot further than a mile. I was getting fretful, thinking how long was this place open and would we make it there on time. My Jace*—-maintained his good humor and never once complained.

While we continued along the way we became more aware of police presence. There were no disturbances that we could see. So, we just figured it must be a coincidence. The road was now going more inland. At one point it seemed as though we might be at the back of a zoo as we heard many animals. At least the scenery was still very beautiful.

Jace*—- continued his happy nature with still a bounce in his step. Coming up in our view I saw a bus stop. I looked over at Jace*—- and said, “This is it. I’m not taking another step. We are catching the bus, a taxi or the next horse that goes by here.” He laughed at me and escorted me to the bus stop bench. We sat down to wait, but before I knew it, he had his thumb out ready to catch a ride. I had to laugh at his antics. He could always find the humor in a situation. Shortly after a taxi came by and stopped for us. I was so happy. We piled in the back. Off we went on a short ride to Diamond Head.

I couldn’t believe it, we were finally there. We paid the cab driver and were on our way. We walked up to the sign. I pulled out my camera and took a photo of my Jace*—-. Now it was time to make our way to the volcano. We saw a bench and decided to sit there and people watch for a few minutes. Jace*—- was a big people watcher. We watched people starting their climb and how excited they appeared to be. Then came those who were coming down from their descent from the volcano. Most were exhausted and dragging. Jace*—- started conversation with many of them. He’d make jokes and ask was it worth the climb. Most said yes, that the view was amazing. Others were out of breath, very tired and didn’t really think the climb was worth it. We sat there for about 30 minutes laughing about what the people had to say. We decided it was our turn to take a hike. Mind you I was a lot thinner and in better condition back then. We started our climb on the switchbacks. We were informed that it would be eight tenths of a mile. After walking most of the way to Diamond Head. I was going slow. Jace*—- on the other hand had a giddy up in his step. In the time it took us to go up to the top, we saw a man about 70 years old climb up and down the volcano 2 times. The man was not winded and full of energy. Just amazing. Continuing on we got to the half way mark. There were a few benches available. Jace*—- insisted that we stop and rest for a while. Later I would find out, it was because he was concerned about me. He said that my face was flushed. I kept trying to convince him I was fine but I was putting up a front. I didn’t want him to think I was wimp.  Truth was, I was pretty much done. I joked with him about going to the top. Kind of like giving him a challenge, saying did he want to stop because he had enough? So, there you go challenge on. After about 15 minutes we once again started back on our climb. After a little while we came to the killer stairs. It was a single file staircase with a rail dividing people going up and down. So, what made it a killer? A whole 271 stairs straight up. No place to sit down if winded or tired. Just keep moving ahead. Talk about a work out. I got close to the top of the stairs and I just sat down. Jace was just ahead of me and thought I was behind him all the way. I had to take a minute. Kindly, everyone went around me. After about 5 minutes I continued the rest of the stairs. I was finally at the top. Straight ahead was a building that had been an old look out post for the Army during World War 2 to watch for incoming airplanes. Inside were pictures of the past, souvenirs, and a man that had a document that he would fill in saying “We Made it to the Top.” Damn well believe we both got one of those.  I was looking for Jace*—- I figured he was outside checking out the view, but how to get out there. I saw no way out only the way we came in. There were slots where people sort of slipped through. So that’s exactly what I did. Once out at the lookout area, I saw my Jace*—- looking out over the Pacific Ocean and down the coast line of Oahu. You could see the awe in his face. It was priceless. We took pictures and started our way down the Volcano. Jace*—- helped me down with his light mood, laughter, the use of his arm and walking slower. We got to the front of Diamond Head Park where we took a seat and called the cab driver who had dropped us off. Diamond Head was closing. Shortly after the cab driver was there. Jace*—- opened my door and announced, “Your chariot awaits my love.

As we came close to the Hotel, we had our cab driver drop us off at the coast. We but our feet into went the water. It felt so soothing. After about 15 minutes we turned toward our Hotel. We were only about a block away.

Once we got inside, we decided on room service. We were both spent, but happy. We caught the evening news where we found out that the Island was on alert for a possible tsunami. So that was why all the police we out. We looked at each other and just laughed. Jace*—- always made good times even better. The rest of night was time together, laughing at what we had experienced already and getting ready for the next day.

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