Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Bye Bye Hawaii (22)

Today’s the day we fly back to the real world. Ugh We woke up early for us. After our good morning kisses, I went down to the lobby to check on when our shuttle bus would arrive. The desk clerk looked our agenda over and told me that we had an hour before they would come to pick us up. Ok, I can work with that. We should have plenty of time to get everything packed. I had just walked into our room to give Jace*—- the good news, when the phone rang. Seemed like the driver decided to change his route. He would be at the hotel in 15 minutes to pick us up! Oh hell, here we go again. It was literally a mad rush to pack everything and to look decent enough to get on a plane. But we did it. I was amazed. We were the first people in the shuttle bus. So, for the next hour it was stop and go as we picked up everyone on his schedule.

Finally, we were at the airport. Our first stop was to get our tickets. Next was checking in our luggage. The lines were moving quickly, that is until they came to me. The TSA agent decided to check my black duffel. Well as mentioned before, we had only 15 minutes to throw our things in our luggage. So, some of his things were in with mine and mine in with his. As the man was looking threw my bag, I realized I didn’t have my camera in my purse. I asked ever so sweetly if he would be so kind to look for my camera while he went through my things. He laughed and said sure. He continued his inspection. He reached in a little farther ruffling through my belongings. All of a sudden, his face got red and he took his hands out of my bag. Without explanation he zipped it up and said that my bag had passed. Jace*– all of a sudden let out the biggest laugh. I looked at him quizzically. He looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and said, “Remember the gift I brought you from San Angelo. My face turned all kinds of red. Jace*—- loved to see me blush. I think a big part of the reason he got this gift for me was just for that reason. You probably guessed by now that it was an adult toy. Oh my gosh. Jace*- had thrown it in my duffel. Thank God it was still in the package. But even so that was so embarrassing.

Thank goodness that was over. Now on to our personal screening. We were almost to the front of the line when Jace*—- takes off his shoes and empties his pockets. He placed them on the conveyor belt along with his carry-on luggage. If you remember at the beginning of our trip, I mentioned that Jace*—- packed light.  He always carried on his duffel because it had his syringes and Insulin in it. Because he was a type 1 diabetic, he always had it close to his person for medical reasons. I was in front of him in line, so I went through first. I went through along with my purse with no problem. Jace*—- being next, passed through without a hitch. However, the inspector on the Xray machine orders the TSA agent to go through Jace’s*—- duffel. I was thinking now what? Jace*—- on the other was oh this will be great fun. As they were going through his things, Jace*—- takes this opportunity to makes jokes. First, they pull out his Diabetes Kit and ran his duffel through the machine again. The inspector announces that the kit was not what they are seeing in his duffel. The TSA agent starts tearing through his duffel once again. This time he pulls out Jace’s*—- after shave bottle. Back through the machine and nope still not it. Now, the agent is getting anxious as the line is waiting. The guy starts pulling out everything in his bag. Jace’s*—- boxers starts flying all over, or as Jace*—- would call them his drawers. My man takes this time to start showing off his drawers to the crowd. You see, I loved to buy him animated boxers. He would lift one by one up and asked the crowd which one they liked best. Once again, my Jace*—- has the Inspector, TSA agent and all surrounding people laughing. He is entertaining the masses. Only my Man!!!!! Finally, they bring out his tool, a leatherman. They gave him a choice, either to forfeit it or go back to where we checked in our luggage and put it in one of my suitcases. Hand in hand we go back to check in and found the man who went through my luggage. The last person I ever wanted to see again. Jace*—- approached him, while I remained hiding behind my man, asking the luggage man if he could put his tool in my black duffel. The guy actually took it very good naturedly and did what we asked. I’m pretty sure that were were the talk of the break room that day.

With all of that behind us, we decided to eat lunch, to save us from eating on the plane. In a very short order, it was time to board. We got on the plane and found our seats. Low and behold my camera had been in his duffel. Jace*—- took a picture of the people behind us on the plane. When we got it processed the people all looked so tired. It really turned out to be a funny picture. The flight back was uneventful. Which was actually kind of nice. Once at LAX we caught a taxi back to the apartment where we settled and ordered pizza. It had been a long day. Tomorrow I would be showing Jace*—- the Southbay. I’m sure it will be fun and full of more adventures. Now one has to wonder what kind of trouble Jace*— will get into?

Next Lookout Southbay here comes Jace*—-

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