Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Meet you in the Kosmos (25)

It’s been a month since I’ve seen my Jace*—-. Separation is painful, especially at first. The way we get through our time apart is with our nightly talks. Sometimes we are on the phone into the weee hours. It’s always very comforting to hear voice right before I go to sleep. It’s one part of being together we can share through we are miles apart. Sometimes we are on line and happen to see each other on AOL. When that happens, we instant message each other and then take it to the phone. Sometimes I will keep our conversations. They can be quite entertaining or very loving and romantic. I’m going to share one of them with you. This one talks about how we would meet in the Kosmos. A little explanation about how that works. When we sleep our souls sometimes leave our bodies. Our souls then travel into the Kosmos or on the Astral Plane, where we explore, learn things, converse with others, etc or in our case meet up with each other. Jace*—- could “Surf the Kosmos” as he would call it awake or asleep.

A Convo

Mermaid3389:  hi baby

Mermaid3389:  I missed u

Rumpld4skn:    hello baby

Rumpld4skn:    I missed you, too

Mermaid3389:  I almost called u last night after I got back from babysitting

Rumpld4skn:    I was here……dreaming, fantasizing of you…..

Mermaid3389:  I wanted u to be the last voice I heard before I went to sleep

Mermaid3389:  the last thing I said before I went to sleep was “I love you jace*—-“

Rumpld4skn:    ahhhhh, but you were, as I replayed our conversation, in my mind…..

Mermaid3389:  oh sweetie

Rumpld4skn:    and I whispered to the kosmos, “I love you, Cindy”……

Mermaid3389:  I think that we were together last night in the kosmos

Rumpld4skn:     your bed was really soft, with very soft pillows

Mermaid3389:  I know that I didn’t let go of your escense until about 10:30 this morning

Mermaid3389:  It’s higher off the ground now

Mermaid3389:   I’ve got two mattress and one box spring on it

Rumpld4skn:    yes, I was with you, in the kosmos……last night…..

Mermaid3389:  I thought so baby

Rumpld4skn:    one part was unclear……. Do you have striped sheets?????

Mermaid3389:  even after I woke up I couldn’t let u go

Mermaid3389:  yes baby

Mermaid3389:  just changed the sheets yesterday

Mermaid3389:  comforter is still the same as when you were here, beige with seashells

Rumpld4skn:    lighting was dim…..

Rumpld4skn:    I remember the tenderness of you….. and touching your softness, before I had to leave…..

Rumpld4skn:    never let go…..

Mermaid3389:  never let go

Mermaid3389:  I couldn’t get u off of my mind

Rumpld4skn:    hold me close……

Rumpld4skn:    as I hold you, ever so closely

Mermaid3389:  I will baby and I do


The Magic of You

In the still of the night,

My lover takes flight

Mystically you appear by my side

With a cold gentle breeze

I feel your gentle touch glide over my body

It incases me with your presence and your love

I hold you close and breathe in your essence

Draw you inside of me

At times a slight breeze brushes so softly on my cheek

I know these are your lips giving me a kiss

A feeling I cherish as it speaks of comfort and love

A blanket of cold covers me

It is then I feel you pull on my soul

Inviting me to join you in the Kosmos

I feel my soul leave my body

Joining you in spirit to spend precious time together

You must experience it

To fully understand the blending of the souls

A meeting of the minds and souls

To paradise

I love you, My Jace*—-

Your Cindy

I looked forward and cherished those times we shared, only to have once again to experience you in the same and in many more ways after your passing. How blessed I am to have you.

Next more days apart but a very entertaining story that Jace*—- shared with me.

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