Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: My Jace*—- a Huckleberry Finn (#26)

Jace 26  My Huckleberry Finn

I so look forward to the talks that my Jace*—- and I share nightly. This man of mine is such a wonderful and amazing conversationalist. We talk about everything and nothing important. I’ve learned so much from him. He is one of the most intelligent persons I’ve ever known. And then there is his stories. He is a great story teller. He has the art. You can actually picture what he is talking about in your head as he tells you about his adventure. It feels almost like you are there watching it happen. So today, I am going to tell you one of his stories. I know I won’t do it justice or tell it as well as he does, but it will be amusing. I tell you, because it is a part of who this amazing man is. The love of my life and eternity.

So, my Jace*—- always loved adventure, nature, wild life, his independence, along with a bit of mischievousness. Personally, I loved the combination. He also was an avid reader from a very young age. I believe it was a form of escape for him. He did not have the easiest of childhoods. He told me at times he would just hide away from the rest and go into his book.

When he told me this story, I not only could picture him in my mind but it was a perfect place for him to escape. So here we go on a Jace*—- adventure.

When Jace*—- and his best childhood friend Dirk were kids, there was an open field close to where his Mom now lives. The area was heavy with many mesquite trees, almost like a forest of them. In an area just to the right of that was a very large pond that was surrounded by larger trees. Close to that was an abandoned  large white barn that people would say was haunted.  Although they never saw any ghosts it made for a great place to tell ghost stories or just to frighten each other at times. It happened that this pond was an extension of a property, which  a part of a very expensive mansion. The very real frightening thing was that it was always rumored that someone from the mansion had shot at kids in the pond. As the owners would hardly ever go by or use the pond, they would say, “That was trespassing.” So Jace*—- and Dirk were always on guard, but luckily, they never were approached and never saw anyone there.

Jace*—- and his friend created a sort of Huckleberry Finn environment for their adventures. Perfect for Jace*—- I would say. Like a dream escape come true. The pond at the time seemed very large, but as Jace*—- looked back at it, it was probably not as large as he remembered. It had a dock in the pond but part of it had broken away and was floating in the water. So of course, that became the perfect opportunity for Jace*—- to turn it into a raft for his escapades. They had this get-away for a few years. They had crafted their very own lean to out of branches and limbs of trees.  It turned out to be kind of like their own hide-away.  It was a nice little place that they could go rafting about on the pond and make up their own scenarios. When this particular incident took place Jace*—- was in the 9th grade and Dirk was in the 7th.  First know that there was a lot of places in the area that had swimming pools with bars. Jace*—- and Dirk made an art out of raiding the bars, and snagging a case or two of beer. Fortunately, they would get out of there before anyone ever knew what they had done. They would stash their beer in the lean to for when they wanted a drink. It was February, yet a very warm day in Texas. The boys decided to skip school and go to their hide-away. They started “rafting” around, as Jace*—- put it, on their very own private pond. They had a beer each, and were enjoying the water. Dirk had taken off his shoes before he had gotten on the raft and had his foot dangling over the side of, in the water. He told Jace*—- “the water feels refreshing,” and he suggested that they go for a swim. So as my Jace*—- told me, I was no fool! It was February. It may have been warm outside but he knew the water had not warmed up that fast. Jace*—- knowing and being mischievous, was certain that Dirk was up to no good. He would try to convince Jace*—- to go in first and get the shock of his life. Jace*—- played along with the idea. Telling Dirk to get ready to go into the water. Jace*—- slowly took off his shoes and socks, meantime Dirk had his shirt off. Jace*—- started to unbutton his shirt and “accidently” pushed Dirk in the water. Well, when Dirk came up quick from the water. He had a look on his face, that said, it was cold, I mean very, very cold. Of course, Jace*—- found it very funny. Dirk no so much. Dirk tried to play it off and told Jace*—- he should jump in. My man said no way and that he could tell from the way that Dirk had reacted the water was not warm. Dirk realized that although he was the one trying to play a trick on my man, Jace*—- had out smarted him. So, quick as a flash, Dirk climbed back on the raft, and they got locked up in a pretty good fight with Dirk trying to get Jace*—- into the water. Dirk ended up in the water a few more times that day, until he finally got Jace*—- in the once. They both got back on the raft where they went back to the lean to put on a few blankets that they kept there and started laughing at their shenanigans. They popped open a beer and had a great rest of the day. Dirk remained one of his best friends until the day he died.

That little area would have been the perfect place for him to go to get peace of mind. It also had wild life and a sense of being in the wild right there in nature in the middle of Wichita Falls, Texas. I am so happy Jace*—- had that place to sooth his soul.

Next, we will look at some more of our conversations as we try to figure out when we might be able to see each other again.

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