Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: 3 months and counting (27)

It’s been 3 months now since I have been able to kiss your lips. Not being able to be with you, really together, is so hard. But then who ever said that a long-distance romance was easy. At least I get to hear your amazing voice nightly, hear how much you love me and then there are the hours of laughter. I’m sorry I just miss your so much and we haven’t been able to figure our when we will be able to see each other again. So, I hold on to our memories, our phone calls and jour internet conversations. I replay them over and over again in my mind. Like this conversation. It’s one of my favorites.

Rumpld4skn:  Hello Love,

Mermaid3389: Hello Precious

Rumpld4skn:   I’ve missed you immensely

Rumpld4skn:    you stir passions that have been dormant, for so long

Mermaid3389:  so do u baby……and ones that were never there before

Rumpld4skn:    yessssssss…….

Rumpld4skn:    new found passions

Rumpld4skn:    I am alive, once again……the phoenix rises from the ashes, once again…..and I thank you

Mermaid3389:  yes baby passions that belong with deep love

Rumpld4skn:    yesssssss, my deepest of love, for you…..

Mermaid3389:  I feel the same way jace*—–

Mermaid3389:  its like being re-born

Rumpld4skn:    absolutely…….

Mermaid3389:  I heard a song on the radio today…….it was you

Mermaid3389:  never heard it before

Rumpld4skn:    title????? Subject????

Mermaid3389:  never heard of the group before

Mermaid3389:  I’m already there by Lonestar

Mermaid3389:  I think its country

Rumpld4skn:    and “Unchained Melody” reminds me of you……

Mermaid3389:  oh I love that song

Mermaid3389: your so sweet

Mermaid3389:  it was on this soft rock station

Mermaid3389:  I heard it and I started to cry

Rumpld4skn:    I don’t do much country…..was the all American boy, when I worked on a ranch, for 2 years……

Rumpld4skn:    must have been a moving repertoire……

Mermaid3389:  I could just imagine you as an “all American cowboy”

Mermaid3389:  it just reminded me of how much I missed u

Mermaid3389:  I got it bad baby

Rumpld4skn:    yeahhhhh, long hair, pot smoking cowboy….

Mermaid3389:  lol

Mermaid3389:  don’t remember ever feeling this way

Rumpld4skn:    me neither……

Mermaid3389:  I checked the weather in your part of the nation

Mermaid3389:  very cold

Rumpld4skn:    today was cold and rainy…..

Rumpld4skn:    wished all day long that I was in California…..

Rumpld4skn:    with you…..

Mermaid3389: they said it was in the 40’s or 50’s

Rumpld4skn:    40’s…….and wet…..ick…..

Mermaid3389: It was 70 here today

Rumpld4skn:    ahhhhh, niiiice……

Mermaid3389:  yep……overcast

Mermaid3389:  but just the way I love it

Rumpld4skn:    I enjoy some overcast…..

Mermaid3389:  me too

Rumpld4skn:    subdued light, I enjoy…….the lycanthrope……

Mermaid3389: how was work today

Rumpld4skn: it was very slow today

Mermaid3389:  oh that’s not to good

Mermaid3389:  tomorrow should be better

Rumpld4skn:    you are so sweet….you read my mind……

Rumpld4skn:    tomorrow and wed should be busy, as the public must get vehicles ready for holiday travel…….

Mermaid3389:  its not very good when u don’t have a car for the holidays

Mermaid3389:  ever day is better since I found u

Rumpld4skn:    as is mine…..you make me look forward to tomorrow……

Mermaid3389:  same here

Rumpld4skn:    and you have become an integral part of my day…..I look forward to YOU!!!!!

Mermaid3389:  ohhhhh……but the love did not come into play but laid dormant until u brought me to life my love

Rumpld4skn:    and you…a perfect depiction of love and kindness and giving…..

Rumpld4skn:    very much alive…..hence my attraction to you…….

Mermaid3389:  yes this is true

Rumpld4skn:    ohhhhh yesssss…..like a smooth stretch of highway…..a wonderful scenic, pleasure cruise…..

Mermaid3389:  tell me what your bedroom looks like

Rumpld4skn:    bland……living room has all the pics and artwork

Rumpld4skn:    but…I make my bed, every day……

Mermaid3389:  the bedroom can’t be bland when you are in

Rumpld4skn:    no, as I am the court jester!!!!!!

Rumpld4skn:    woohoooo!!!!

Mermaid3389:  that’s my man  lol

Rumpld4skn:    I play the part of the literary fool……

Rumpld4skn:    one full of hijinks and tom-foolery…..

Mermaid3389:  yes, my love….always light of heart…..and bringing joy into my life…..

Rumpld4skn:    I would love to SEE you smile…….

Rumpld4skn:    I’m a kid at heart…..

Mermaid3389:  I have a smile that lights up my face

Mermaid3389:  or so they say

Mermaid3389:  yes, baby that’s another reason I love you

Rumpld4skn:    Mama calls me, her Peter Pan, as I don’t take life so seriously……

Mermaid3389:  then I will be your wendy

Rumpld4skn:    I would love to brighten your life, every day……

Mermaid3389:  and we will go 2 never neverland

Rumpld4skn:    Hold me close…….

Rumpld4skn:    yesssss….and we shall play……

Mermaid3389:  I hold you close and, in my heart, always

Rumpld4skn: It’s getting late my love and I am beat

Rumpld4sky: meet me in the Kosmos?

Mermaid3389: always my love

Mermaid3389: I love you

Rumpld4skn: I love you too

Rumpld4skn: I will see you there ❤ ❤

Your words, your lips, your love is what keeps me going My Jace*—-. I’m yours for eternity and then some.

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