Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Somehow I don’t think that was a coyote (28)

It’s been 4 months now. Last time it was only 3 months between visits. How long do I have to wait? I’m anxious and a bit fearful. I know in my heart I shouldn’t be, but my mind and insecurities are playing tricks on me. Is my Jace*—- losing interest in me? A foolish thought, I know. He’s still calling every night. He doesn’t act any different. But this is a long distance relationship and past history with men placed trick with my mind. Then I hear my Jace’s*—- voice in my head, “Must I suffer for all of those who have come before me?” It snaped me out of my fear. I can’t compare this relationship and above all this amazing man with my past mistakes. He hasn’t given me any reason to feel this way. Actually, if anything he has gone out of his way to make me feel very loved. Oh’s there’s may man now.

Hi Baby, it’s so good to hear your voice

Hi Love, your voice is like music to my soul.

And so, it begins. Hours of conversation, laughter, romance and stories. Jace*—- stories. The best. This night he tells me about a date he went on when he was 17 years old that didn’t turn out quite like he had expected.

 Jace*—- at the age of 17 started to work at an oil field. Jace*—- had started going out with a girl named Brenda. She was his Boss’s daughter. Knowing Jace*—- that could be a whole other story right there.

Jace*—- got into his Station Wagon, which he bought from money he had saved by working since he was 15 years old, lying about his age. He swung by his best friend’s house Dirk and picked him up. Dirk mentioned that because of an over population of Coyotes in the county, the government was offering $25 for each Coyote brought in to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. They figured it was a good way to make a few extra bucks, so Dirk went back into his home and got his rifle. Back in the early 1960’s as in Jace’s*—- family, coming of age was 12 years old a rifle was given as entry into manhood. It was not uncommon for teenagers to have their own rifle or access to a rifle. So, with a rifle in Dirks hand they went to pick up Jace’s*—- girlfriend to run down the roads spotlighting for the coyotes. This particular night was quite cold. They were all sitting in the front on the bench seat of the station wagon with the heater blowing. The wind was howling and it was a big “blue-norther” which had blown in earlier that evening. The wind speed and wind chill was very high that night. They were spotlighting the sides when they saw movement in the brush off the side of the road. Jace*—- maneuvered the station wagon so that the headlights shined at the movement. They could not tell what kind of critter was in the bush, but they didn’t hastate a moment and bailed out of the car in search of it. Even though the grass was brown and tall, his headlights were on high beam and they also had the spot light shining in the direction of the movement they continued the hunt. The strong winds were blowing at them straight in their faces as they were chasing down the critter. Dirk saw movement in a spot where the grass was not as thick, and raised his rifle to take a shot. He stopped short when he realized that what he was about to shot at was of all things a skunk. The skunk had stopped and had its tail up and had the boys in direct aim, with Jace*—- in the best position to get the greatest amount of the skunk’s spray. As Dirk, turned to high tail it back to the car he yelled, “Jace*—- we are about to get sprayed.” Dirk thought he had gotten away with out being sprayed and Jace*—- also thought he was too fast for the critter to spray him. So, as they thought they were now safe they slowly strolled back to the car quite proud of themselves, because they had escaped the stink. They got back into the car where Jace’s*—-   girlfriend was waiting for them. She had the heater on full blast and the car was nice and warm when they got in. She immediately began to yell and scream about how bad they smelled. The wind had been blowing so hard they that were unaware that of being sprayed. She continued to scream for them to get out of the car. Finally, the boys could smell themselves. The stench was so strong. They rode home with the windows down and the heat off. Jace*—- dropped his girlfriend off first who would not talk to him for about 2 weeks, until she was sure he did not smell anymore. Then he dropped off Dirk. Jace*—- knew that his Mom would have a fit if he came into the house with his clothes on so he waited until everyone was asleep and got undressed outside and put his clothes into the trash, covering it up. He then snuck into the house, drew a bath and put baking soda in it and just soaked in it for a few hours. I guess as they say a skunk cannot smell himself, so, Jace*—- thought he had succeeded in getting the odor off of himself. After an very eventful day he was off to bed. The next morning his Mom was well aware that someone had been skunked. She figured out it was Jace*—-. So, he was in a kiddy pool, in the cold, soaking in tomato juice, which did help, but not completely. He learned a valuable lesson that night, make sure you know what you are chasing before you get to close.

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