Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Worlds worse cook…. Will my Jace*– survive (30)

Time is coming closer for me to be flying into San Angelo to see that cities most amazing citizen, My Jace*—-. There’s so must to do to get ready, yet I can’t wait to see him and kiss his lips.

Jace*—- and I have been talking nightly about what he wants to show me in his home town and what we will be doing while I am there. We have also been discussing me cooking meals and what he likes to eat. Ugh….. he does not know that I am a terrible cook. I’m not joking here, some people have it and some people don’t. I’m one of those that don’t. I can even follow a recipe exactly and somehow still mess up the meal. How am I ever going to pull this off? I’m sure Jace*—- remembers me trying to make him coffee before we went to San Pedro. I couldn’t even get the Mr. Coffee machine figured out and he had to show me how to make it.  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. My children say I have my signature dishes, but that’s only a few. My daughters tease me and say when I boil water there is lumps in it. I’m sure if it was possible, it would be true.

My daughters learned how to cook by watching the cooking shows on the Food Network. My girls Rebecca and Angie were complaining (good naturedly) about how my turkey is dry shortly before Thanksgiving one year. So, I told them, if that was the case, they could make Thanksgiving dinner that year. They did just that and it was excellent. They continued to make Thanksgiving dinners for a number of years after that.

I was talking to Angie about my concern and she mentioned my signature dishes. But I explained that we are talking breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am a great baker, but we can’t live off of muffins, cookies, cakes and pies. I can cook breakfasts good. My first husband taught me how to do that. Lunches are mostly sandwiches, those are easy. But dinners, that where I scare anyone that might come over to eat. My Angie suggested we try a few of her simpler recipes a couple of times and then take her recipes with me. Which is exactly what I did and it turned out wonderfully.

I would soon find out that My Jace*—- was very easy to please in the food department. At least he never complained and would even compliment me more than a few times. I also learned some cooking tips from him on those occasions we would cook together. He was always very patient with me. With so many redeeming qualities, it’s no wonder that I love him so much.

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