Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: 1 day seems like an eternity (31)

I know that we will be seeing each other in just a few weeks, but today is one of those days were just one more second away from you feels unbearable. I never before felt this ache in my heart that I get when missing you so badly. What can I say, I guess patience when it comes to missing you is not one of my strong suits?

Our conversation last night was exceptionally endearing and then the story that made me laugh. Have I told you lately how you have made my life so much happier? That each time I hear your voice, it fills my heart with love. Note to self, make sure to let my Jace*—- know just how valuable he is to me. You can never tell someone you love them or how much they mean to you enough. This I know with all certainty.

For Love is thoughts of but one man fills your heart, when he means more than life to you. When you know you would do anything for him, and shall die if he is taken from you. Desire is when you ache to see him and touch him, when he causes your body to burn and tremble. Desire does not demand love before it can capture you, but desire with love creates a powerful bond.

Mermaid3389 Hello my sweet

Rumpld4skn: Hello Love

Mermaid3389: I know it’s only a couple of weeks before we get to see each other but I miss you so much, it’s hard to wait

Rumpld4skn: Each day seems like a thousand when I’m away from you

Rumpld4skn: My body craves for your touch

Mermaid3389: As mine does for you

Rumpld4skn: Afterwork, I went to Lake Nasworthy, and surrounded myself in nature and you, my love

Mermaid3389: I know how you love nature, but how did you surround yourself with me

Rumpld4skn: By wearing clothes that you have sent me, it’s as close to a hug as I can get

Rumpld4skn: I went out on the lake in my rowboat and fished with the fishing rod you got me for our Hawaii trip. It was the best way I could be with you

Mermaid3389: Awwww…… how sweet of you. I love it.

Rumpld4skn: We caught some fish, you, me and the fishing pole lol

Mermaid3389: I am so impressed with my great fisherman!!!! Will your fish be dinner?

Rumpld4skn: Not to night love, I wish to surround my self with you

Rumpld4skn: You are my good luck charm

Mermaid3389: And you are my everything

Rumpld4skn: It was most relaxing being in nature, thinking of you and feeling your essence

Mermaid3389: Soon, we will be together my love.

Rumpld4skn: Want to talk

Mermaid3389: I always want to talk with you. I love your voice and our conversations.

Rumpld4skn: I’ll call you in 10 minutes

Mermaid3389: I await your call my love

I always love hearing your voice my love and hearing your stories. Here is tonight’s story:

Jace*—- was dating Brenda who was the boss’s daughter, while he worked on the oil rig. The relationship didn’t last very long and I would soon find out why. Things between him and Brenda went pretty well until he started to go over to her house to spend time with her. It seems that Brenda had many sisters and those sisters had many babies. Every where you went in the house, you would have to be careful where you stepped, because babies were running, walking, or crawling through out all the rooms. If that wasn’t enough, evidently the babies did not have their diapers changed as frequently as they should. Jace*—- said that when you went through the door the smell of baby poop filled his nostrils. And because there was so much poop, you would find poop through out the house and messy wash clothes. No one in the house ever flushed the toilet. So everywhere, poop, poop and more poop. He could no longer take the pooping house so he broke up with Brenda. That had to be a reason to break up, one for the books. Lol 

Next story will be out of segment. Seeing how it is 4th of July when I will be posting it. I will blog about the 4th we spent together.

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