Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Jace*—- you set the fireworks off in my heart (32)

I’m going to jump the time line here. Just this one will be out of sequence. I wish to share with you how we celebrated the only 4th of July we had together. We enjoyed it so very much, I hope you will enjoy it with us.

I had flown into San Angelo in the end of June with my daughter Angela and her then boyfriend Danny. They were to go on to Dallas to meet up with Dan’s family after staying overnight.

My Jace*—-came home at lunchtime on July 3rd as he did each day that I was in San Angelo. He did this so we could spend as much time together as we possibly could. I greeted him with a kiss, made him a sandwich and we sat together. At this point we would talk about his work or what was the news we had heard for that day. This particular day he brought home news that because of the weather, 4th of July fireworks display, which was put on by Goodfellow Air Force Base, would be postponed to the 5th of July. I wondered in amazement how this news circulated around the city so quickly. You see this was back in the early 2000’s, there was no Facebook, no texting, etc. So, in San Angelo it was word of mouth. Of course, at the time there was only about 78,000 people in the city and unlike this big city girl was use to, San Angelo did not have another city right next to it. It was a different type of world to me, but I loved it. Needless to say, I was bummed out that there were no fireworks on the 4th, but of course we could always watch the fireworks on Television.

The 3rd came and went, it was the 4th and Jace*—- was off to work once again. I got into gear to make my traditional 4th of July dinner. First order of the day was to boil the potatoes and eggs for the potato salad, and prep all the goodies that went into it. Potato Salad was one of my signature dishes. Next was Aunt Edith’s baked beans in the making. I had bought Hot Dogs, Buns and all the condiments to go along with it. I didn’t forget the much-enjoyed chips and dip. Of course, for beverages in the fridge chilling, was Coors Light and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Now for the desert, usually at home I would make homemade ice cream. I didn’t have an ice cream maker machine, so I just bought Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean (this brand was not sold in Los Angeles at the time). I then proceeded to make homemade fudge topping. A recipe my Mom made, which was derived from a failed attempted of a fudge recipe on the side of the Hersey’s Cocoa powder box, delish. With all of the dinner ready to go, it was time to make myself more appealing than the dinner. After that all I needed was my man and the holiday party would begin.

A short time later my Jace*—- came home for the day from work. I greeted him as I always did when I was blessed to be with him. I would put my hands lovingly on the side of his face, look into his gorgeous eyes, proclaim my love for him, told him how happy I was that he was home and gave him a sweet kiss. He then would go to the shower, which was not only refreshing to him, but sort of helped wash away his day at work, physically and emotionally. So, out he came all cleaned up, hair still wet which meant it fell down in relaxed curls. God, this man was so handsome. He was my treasure.

I prepared dinner while he was in the shower. It was placed on the table ready for him to enjoy. As he took a seat, I went to the fridge and got him a Coor’s Light popped open the can and handed it to him. One thing for sure, an ice-cold beer on a hot, muggy day in Texas hits the spot and was a must. As we enjoyed our dinner, the lightening and thunder began. One thing about me is I love God’s lightening shows. I’ve been known to ran outside at the first sound of thunder and dance in the rain. Now, please know that in Texas its true everything is big or done big, the thunder is soooo loud that it literally can shake a building. But for me, all the better. We finished dinner and retired to the front room to watch the fireworks on television. The weather got the best of me. I asked Jace*—- if we could go for a ride to see the lightening show. He jumped up from the couch in seconds, holding his hand out for me to take hold of and said, “Baby, you don’t ever need to ask me, just say let’s go.” And so off we went. We hopped into the car and he took us to the old utility road. It sat on a small hill above the city, so we had a good view. We listened to music and held hands while we quietly watch the sky light up with it’s beautiful, intense, lightening show. In the far-off distance a family was setting off ground fireworks. I couldn’t believe that they actually went off in the rain. We were so enjoying ourselves, singing along with songs, especially my favorite for the night, “In the Park” by Chicago. Kissing every once in a while, I was experiencing a little bit of heaven. Not too much longer the Police rolled by and announced that there would be no fireworks tonight. Jace*—- and I looked at each other and began to laugh. We were like, doesn’t he know we are watching the weather. We left shortly after as the police circled back. Once home we went to the bedroom and made our own fireworks. Got to say they were much more enjoyable then any I’ve ever seen in the sky. Each year I go back to that memory and I will cherish it for eternity. That’s what I call love.

Coming next time, Preparing for my trip to San Angelo.

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