Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Getting ready to see the love of my love tomorrow (33)

Tomorrow I get to be in the arms of my love. Wow, the time since Hawaii seemed like an eternity and I fear that having only a week with him will go by way to quickly. I wish it was in reverse. That I was only away from him a week at a time and in his loving arms constantly.

I weigh 3 pounds more than the last time I saw him. I tried to lose the 10 pounds I gained and was in hopes of 14 more, but I know and knew in my heart that was unrealistic in the 5 week’s time I had before we could see each other. I always gain weight while we are apart due to depression and being an emotional eater. I lose weight when I am with him. Could be because of the love making, I’m happy or we are just so busy we don’t eat much. Food is not a high priority on Jace’s*—- list at least not while I am with him. I’d like to hope that will change with my cooking, but knowing my failure as a chef I doubt that will be the case.

Talking about food, I hope that Jace*—- will like his surprise. He loved Round Table Pizza so much the last time he was here, that I bought him his two-favorite pizza’s. Talk about home delivery, this is really spoiling him. I can just imagine what it will be like to carry 2 large pizza’s through the airport and on the planes to get to San Angelo. It will be worth it to see the happy look on his precious face.

We just got off the phone. We had just a short conversation tonight. He said he had cleaning up to do before I came. I don’t care what his place to looks like. I only care that I will get to be with him. But I have a lot to do too, so it’s okay. At least I got to hear his voice tonight before I go to sleep. It’s a very important ritual for me. Makes me soooo at peace and happy.

Time to finish packing my things. I can’t forget anything, especially my blood pressure medicine and inhaler. I don’t want to get sick while I am with him. Angie is double checking my packing to make sure I remember everything. I am thankful for her organizational skills, because I am getting excited, anxious and nervous about tomorrow. She asked if I remembered my journal and no I didn’t. Thank goodness, she remembered because I always keep track of my day to day in it. It is especially important because I write all we do each day. This way when I send him a little memory book of our time spent all the details are in there, even down to our love making. This time I hope to have an entry in my journal about how we took a shower together and made love. My hopes are that each time he gets into the shower he will remember our experience. I want him to carry memories of me everywhere we go. I’m going to be able to go to his work too. That will we exciting to meet everyone we talk about and see his trophy room. It’s funny how his employee named it that. I guess it makes sense as he has his antlers mounted in there from his hunts. They are always happy to see a new one because he shares his harvest with them. Well it’s time to go to sleep. The sooner I fall asleep, the faster I will get to be on that jet plane.

Up and at ‘em, all systems go! Time to get beautified for my Jace*—-. Do I have everything? Ugh, I almost forgot the pizzas. The girls are helping me to get my luggage into the car. Becky was able to get off of work to drive me to the airport thank goodness, because I hate shuttles. Angie is coming along to see me off. We are on our way, and traffic isn’t bad. I should be able to make it in plenty of time to catch my flight. The girls will be dropping me off at the curb. Such sad little faces. Breaks my heart, I love them and will miss them so much, but its only one short week. My Becky knows me so well. She told me to behave. Bye, bye babies. I’ll be back soon.

Next, the flight and our first day together.

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