Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Hello Love, so good to see you again (34)

Today’s the day. I’ve wanted 6 long months for us to be together again. I’m in flight, but I almost didn’t get on the plane. When I went up to the counter to pick up my ticket, it seems they had record of my purchase, but no literary. What, you got to be kidding me? I tired to remain calm, but I was so upset inside. It takes 2 planes to get to San Angelo. First plane flies into Dallas Fort Worth, not a problem. They have many flights and surely, I could get on a flight there today. Gee, thanks but there is only 1 flight a day going into San Angelo. I don’t want to be in Dallas for a night and not be able to be with my Jace*—-. It took 45 minutes but the clerk at the counter bent over backwards and got it straighten out for me. I’m so thankful. They gave me a pass to go through a special express line, but of all things my underwire in my bra set the machine off. Ugh After all of that, I made it to boarding just in time. They had announced my name over the loud speaker just as I came up to get on the plane. Whew. The rest of the flight and connections went smoothly.

I landed in San Angelo. I’m finally there. The airport was small, maybe even smaller than Wichita Falls. It will make it easier to find my love. There he was, waiting for me, I ran up to him, pizzas in hand. I placed the pizzas on a chair and flew into his arms, where I received a long, deep kiss that I have been missing for so long. After the kiss, he looked at the pizza boxes and said, “Were you hungry babe?” I laughed and said, no that it was a surprise for him. I brought you your favorite pizzas from Round Table Pizza. He replied how thoughtful it was of me and received another kiss. We walked to his car where we put the pizzas and luggage into the trunk. He opened the door for me and soon we were on our way. As we drove out of the exit, turning right and driving down the street a little, we saw deers under electric towers. This would be a regular occurrence each time I would come to San Angelo. I asked Jace*—- why would the deer’s stay under all of those wires. He laughed and said, “They probably know they are safe from the hunters there.” He then told me that we would go to his apartment where he would drop off the pizza’s and my luggage. I could stay in the car and he would not be long. It seemed that he had made plans for our first day together.

My Jace*—- came down in a hurry and we were off for the day. He took me to Lake Nasworthy, a beautiful place where he spent a lot of time. I saw so many woodland animals. There were deer that we got to see much closer distance. We saw little squirrels that were laying their legs spread over the branches of the Mesquite trees. I had never seen a squirrel do that before, so I asked Jace*—- why they were laying like that? He told me that it was because of the hot Texas heat, it was how they cooled down. He loved wild life and really all animals. He studied nature. I could see how it made him at peace and so happy. He was much more relaxed in these surroundings than he was in Wichita Falls. Next, we saw turkeys. There were so many of them at the lake. Jace*—- showed me how to spot them by focusing on the forest line that was about the same height of the turkeys and to look for movement. In our talks on the phone he taught me so much about all of these animals. It seems turkeys have a beard. It is a long strand of dark fibrous bristles that hangs from its breast area. A jake, young male turkey, has a short beard no longer than 2 inches usually and small spurs, whereas a Tom, an adult male turkey, can have a beard up to 10 inches long and spurs that shoot out from the leg area just above it’s claws and will be over a ½ inch long. Females can have beard on occasion too. I always love woodland animals, but being with Jace*—- made me love them even more.

After spending 2 or 3 hours at the lake, Jace*—- took me out to eat at the China Garden Buffet. Again, one of Jace’s*—- favorites, all you can eat and believe me he gets his moneys worth. We loaded up our plates and he ordered a beer and I asked for a coke.  The bartender asked if I wasn’t sure if I wanted a drink. I declined. But then he asked me to let him make me a drink, it would be on the house. He wanted to show off his bartending skills. He went behind the bar, did his thing and brought me back a drink. He stood watch while I took a drink. He asked how I liked it and I told him that I it tasted really good. After complementing him I asked what the name of the drink was and what ingredients he had put in it. He smiled, winked at me, and said, Sex on the Beach. I blushed. Later he brought me a Sunset and I can’t remember the name of the last drink he brought me.

There were 2 guys eating at a both close to us, who kept looking at us. I think they heard our conversation with the bartender and were also listening to Jace’s*—-and my conversation as well. Finishing our dinner, Jace*—- ordered his last beer and excused himself to go to the bathroom while he was waiting for it to be brought to the table. I was on my third drink. Anyone that knows me, knows that I can’t hold my alcohol. Luckily, I was just nursing my this one. While Jace*—- was in the bathroom one of the two guys came over to our table. He asked if Jace*—- and I would like to join them at their table. I personally was not keen on the idea. I told the guy that he needed to ask my boyfriend. As Jace*—- walked back towards our table, they stopped Jace*—- and asked if we would join them. He said yes. Jace*—- sat next to one them and I sat next to the other one on the other side of the table. The only man I feel safe with, after my gang rape, was Jace*—-. The conversation went on with them asking us if we were planning to get married.  Jace*—- was kind of lost for words, so I stepped in and said, we have only been together for 8 months. That’s when the guy sitting next to Jace*—- said, “I’d marry her in a heartbeat.” He looked at Jace*—- and continued, “You better get a ring on that little lady.” Well, that changed the atmosphere really quick at the table. I said to my man that we had better get going and he okayed the idea. We stood up said our goodbyes and started to walk out to the car. They got up quickly and followed us out. That cause suspicion in Jace*—- making him go into protective mode. He had me walk in front of him. We got to the car door and he took out a knife. He then told me to get in the car quickly and to stay in there with the doors locked. Under no circumstances was I to get out of the car no matter what happened. I was so scared. I didn’t want anything to happen to Jace*—-. That would just destroy me. He walked to the other side of the car got in. We stayed in the parking lot until the guys left.  We drove around for about 30 minutes of what would normally be a 10-minute drive back to his apartment. We found our way, pulled in and he turned off the car. Jace*—- looked at me and said, “I will always protect you with my life, Cindy. Do you understand, I would die for you.” That ran chills through me. I thanked him and said hopefully that will never be the case. He gave me a little kiss, got out of the car and walked over to my side and helped me out. We walked up to his apartment and then…….

Next,” When we get behind closed doors.”

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