Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Day 2 in San Angelo with My Love (36)

Waking up next to my love always makes it a wonderful and blessed day. Getting a kiss to start out my day makes my heart sing. Jace*—- reluctantly got out of bed and got ready for work. Work comes early at 7 a.m. and after a late night, we both would have much preferred to stay in bed together.

I walked Jace*—- to the door, gave him a kiss, and sent him on his way to work. I had a few plans for the day. I would get settled in, clean myself, and start on cleaning his apartment up. You know like dusting, clean the mirrors, putting on finishing touches, a women’s touch, on his apartment. While doing my thing his phone would ring periodically. Then late morning, the calls coming in became more frequently. I thought to myself, wow he sure is popular, but continued on with my quest. Around noon I heard the key turn in his door. I was excited that he had come home for lunch. I rushed to greet him at the door. As he walked in I could see and sense concern coming from him. His first words were, “I was so worried about you. Why didn’t you answer the phone?” I replied, “Oh was that you calling?” At the time I did not own a cell phone. He repeated his question. I told him that this was his home and I felt it would be intruding on his privacy and rude for me to answer his phone. He kind of sighed, asked if from now on to please answer the phone so that he could get in touch with me and that way he wouldn’t have to be worried about me. I agreed to his request. He smiled and seemed to happy saying he loved the smell of pledge and appreciated what I was doing. That it smelt like a home. He then invited me out to lunch. We went to Schlotzsky Deli.We both had sandwiches and sodas. It was very tasty. We enjoyed our time together but unfortunately, he had to return to work. He took me back to his apartment, walking me up the stairs to the door, even though I had a key of my own, he opened the door. I received a very sensual and inviting kiss. I was more than willing but, he told me that he would be home early. We would go out to dinner and then would be having guests over. I would be meeting Cletus and Nick tonight. Well, I have my work cut out for me. I have to make like Samantha on Bewitched and get this place finished.

Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse. Very delish, I had a salad and he had a steak. On the way back home Jace*—- gave me a little more of an idea of what to expect for the evening. I had heard a lot about Cletus, but not that much about Nick. Seems Nick was Cletus’s nephew who was a bit young and immature. Okay, I work with preschoolers. I’m pretty sure I could handle him. We made a stop off at the 7 eleven and picked up beer, sodas and chips for the company. Shortly after we came home. Once in as usual he left the door left open, in entered Cletus and Nick. I got to admit after Cletus’s interruption during our love making, the day before, I was a bit embarrassed to met him. I was introduced to both of them. So, the evening began. Cletus was inquisitive, giving me the third degree. Jace*—- played interference. Next Cletus would try to put doubt in my mind about Jace’s loyalty. It ended up with Jace*—- telling him to stop his bullshit and what the hell was his problem? Cletus left a little later after apologizing to us. Nick stayed behind. Nick proceeded to show his immaturity by challenging Jace*—-. By this time the evening was becoming a real disaster. I tried to play interference for Jace*—- or smooth things over but Jace*—- was now in a pissing contest with a young 21-year-old buck. Nick challenged Jace*—- to a fight and well Jace*—- is not one to back off. I can’t stand violence, nor seeing anyone physically hurting each other. I no longer was helping the situation, nor was I able to defuse the problem. I excused myself saying I was tired and was going to retire for the evening. Very shortly after Jace*—- told Nick to leave and thankfully there was no exchange of flying fists, which made me very happy and thankful.

Jace*—- came into the bedroom. I could feel that he was concerned that I was unhappy about how the evening came out. I greeted him happily into his bed and made sure by my actions that he knew that I didn’t give two hoots as to what had happened during the course of the evening. All I cared about was my Jace*—-, how much I loved him and that our relationship meant the world to me. I was determined to show him how much I loved him and appreciated him. After the love making his mood changed to happiness and contentment. Success, you are my everything and my all. We fell a sleep once again, this time he was spooning me. Ahh another night in heaven with my love.

Next We visit his job and I meet his employees/friends.

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