Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: A little trip to Fort Concho (38)

Jace 38

Morning is here again. I woke up to a very loving Jace*—-. All I will say is he became very amorous and I certainly did not deny his advances. I am more than willing to start my day with my Jace*—- like this any day. We both were very happy and in amazingly good moods. One problem was that he was late to work and not by 5 minutes this time. Unfortunately, he got in trouble. He called later and told me not to worry, it was well worth it and he would do it again.

My Jace*—- left me with the keys to the Caddy. He took his Bronco to work so that I could have the use of his car. That was so thoughtful and sweet of him. I took a shower and decided to see some more local sites. I’ve heard about a historical site that I would love to visit called Fort Concho. This will be my outing for the day.

I found my way to the Fort. It was made to last with 22 buildings still standing. Some have been restored and some are the originals. It was established in 1867 along the Concho River hence the name. Side note, the Concho River has two things I love a mermaid statue and lavender pearls. I hope to see the mermaid statue some day and I would love to have a lavender pearl ring. The Fort had several well-known commanders, one being William (Pecos Bill) Shafter.

William (Pecos Bill) Shafter, was nothing like the fictional Disney Character which he created after the real Pecos Bill had died. He was a United States Army General. He received a Medal of Honor for his part in the Civil War and was also known for his work in the Spanish American War. But this man was not a bed of roses. He was obstinate, a womanizer, and known not to hold his liquor. Although the Army considered Shafter a “reliable officer” he showed up at Fort Concho trailing a string of harassment and misconduct charges filed by his former companies.  He was also known for crippling the careers of officers he did not like as they rose in ranks. One of the most notable of these was the court martial of the first African American graduate of West Point, Henry Flipper while he served at Fort Concho.  In the 1999 Executive Grant of Clemency, President Clinton granted “a full and unconditional pardon to Lieutenant Henry Ossian Flipper. He also was energetic, ambitious, hardworking and self-reliant according to the Army. He was considered a hero in Texas, and even had some legendary poetry written about him about how touch he was during wartime.

Carveries 4th and 10th who served at Fort Concho and protected the West Texas Territory were recognized for their service. All of the former regiments of the famed “Buffalo Soldiers” were stationed at the post during its active period. In 1889, Company K of the 19th infantry, marched to San Antonio and Fort Concho was forever closed. Some of the buildings I got to see were the Men’s Barracks, Guardhouse, Calvary Stables, Headquarters, Surgeons Quarters, Post Hospital, School house/Chapel and Officers Quarters. It was very interesting, but I had to leave when it started to rain, following with lightning and thunder. In order to get to the exit it was necessary to walk through a field. While doing so I gathered Foxtail Thorns on my pant legs along the way. They are hard to get off and they hurt like crazy. Succeeding, I watched natures light show for a while and then started back to the apartment.

Once I got to the apartment, I took a shower and got presentable for my Jace*—-. It wasn’t long before my man came home and said we were going to eat at the Golden Corral tonight. I think he may be avoiding my cooking. Lol, I have to say I don’t blame him. It was the first time I ate at there. It was very good and what a selection of food. The rain stopped temporarily, so after dinner we made our way to Lake Nasworthy. What a treat. We saw a few deer. We just sat there watching them interacting with each other. God’s beautiful creatures. There were also squirrels, an armadillo, and some strutting turkeys to entertain us too. I love watching woodland animals with Jace*—-. He is so knowledgeable about the all the critters and shares what he has learned with me. It’s so very peaceful here. We continued to watch, seeing the beautiful sunset. It began to rain again with more lightning and thunder. We stayed awhile to watch the show against the night sky which we both enjoy. We left deciding it was time to head on back to his apartment.

For the rest of the night we watched a little Television. Bed time came a little early, but I’m not complaining because along with it came more making love. I’m so blessed in so many ways. I fall deeper in love each and every day with this amazing man.

Next Day 5 in San Angelo. Time is coming closer to when I will have to leave.  

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