Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: A very young Jace*—- brings dinner to his Grandparents table (44)

Today we talked about Jace*—- coming to Cali. Once he is here, we will go to Hollywood. He’s always wanted to see the Hollywood sign. The next day we will travel by car to Mammoth, where we will stay in my sister Alanna’s condo. There is no end of things we will do in both places. He is very excited and just needs to clear about a weeks’ time from his work schedule to come. It means one of 2 things. The boss will come down and manage the place, taking over Jace’s*—- job or he will send another manage to take over. Either way I can’t wait to find out when we will be able to go there and see each other again. It’s been close to 3 months since we have been able to be together. Way to long for this girl.

Work still isn’t looking the best but, I’m going to play like Scarlett and I will worry about that tomorrow. I can always go back to working in daycare or maybe go back to school to become a school teacher. What the heck I could even do both.

Meanwhile, back to some Jace’s stories. He constantly keeps me entertained. Jace*—- and his family soon were divorced from his biological dad. His Mom became a single Mother raising 4 children on her own. I have to complement the lady as she had her work cut out for her with 3 boys and I girl to raise on her own. Jace*—- told me that he remembers when he came home one day and his Mom had lost her job. He wasn’t very old when this happened. His Mom and Grandparents decided it would be best if he went to stay with his Mom’s parents for a short while. Jace*—- was a sensitive person and would worry about what he could do to make it better. As he told me his story, I could hear the concern he had as a child, trying to take on the role of man of the house. He went for a walk down by a pond near his grandparents’ home. He brought his rifle with him. In his family at 12 years of age a young man received his first rifle to begin his hunting experience. It was a right of passage. Strolling along the water he came to the rationalization that he could go fishing and hunting to help put food on the table. During the process he came upon a Heron. This bird is not usually known to be on the dinner table. But Jace*—- was in the hunter mode and learning the part of being a provider for the family. So, he popped it and brought it home to the grandparents. Being very proud and feeling accomplished that he had provided dinner for the night, him and Grandpa dressed out the bird. Presenting it to Grandma, she was to work her magic and make it into a feast for the family. They went to the table for dinner, it was quite the sight. They said grace, thanking God for the food and giving praise to their Grandson Jace*—– for providing dinner that night with his hunting skills. Jace*—- felt like quite the man that day and hopeful for the future. As dinner came to close his Grandfather sang praises to his grandson for the steps that he had taken into manhood, but along with his praise he gave him some sound advice. “As we are always thankful for the bounty you have given us, let’s in the future try anything other than a Heron for dinner, son.” Jace*—- took no offense to his advice. He was walking on air at his accomplishments for the day and what it held for his future. Praise from the Grandfather that he dearly loved meant so much to him. His Grandfather could not have given him a better present. It was a big day for Jace*—- he had in his sweet little boy heart found the answer to his concern. He would help his family through this time in their lives. For now, he had become a man in his eyes.

What an amazing soul this man was from the time of childhood. He always seeks to help others, finding solutions or answers to help them out. He often said, drop me into the center of chaos and I will make it all better. I seen him do it many a time especially for others. What a blessing he was to so many and especially to me.

Next, plans made soon we will be together again.

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