Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Beverly Hills will never be the same since Jace*—- came to visit (47)

It’s always a sunshine day when I wake up with my love by my side. I cherish these moments and can’t wait until we will live together one day. We will be side by side in Paradise.

We got up, not in a hurry mind you, but definitely with a smile on our faces. It is always a crap shoot when my Jace*—- comes to Cali. On Texas grounds, his sacred territory, he knows his limitations, I say that loosely, because Jace*—- is a free spirit and as he often says, “I don’t ask for permission. That way I at least get to try it once.” He truly lives by that rule. He pushes the envelope to the edge, as they say, but with him, he pushes it until it is teetering and ready to go down. Even so I admire him because he lives life to the fullest. So, today we are heading for Beverly Hills and Hollywood. I can only imagine. I got the bail money ready. Lol

First stop was Beverly Hills. We went by the Beverly Hills Hotel and Police Department, which he right away associated with the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” with Eddie Murphy. It’s always wonderful to see things through Jace’s*—- eyes. It’s like seeing things for the first time. He would see things today that he had seen in the movies and on Television that literally became real to him. We take so much for granted here in Cali. Being a native it is all just an everyday occurrence. We went on to Rodeo Drive. That’s when my Jace*—- became mischievous. We all new it was coming. As he says, “It’s my nature.” We came to the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. Angie and her boyfriend Dan had come along for the ride. Jace*—- mentioned that he would like to have a picture on the corner. If you know the area, it’s not a place where you can just stop at the side of the road to take a snapshot. So, double concern, we let Jace*—- and Dan out of the car to take the picture as Angie and I drove around the block to pick them up when they were through. In some ways Jace*—- and Dan are similar in thought. That right there can be a problem. So, when we came back around, there they were standing on the corner together with a “shit eating grin” on their faces and well Angie and I knew something had happen. We would find out later that night that Jace*—- had dropped his pants, leaving his boxers on, right there on the corner and has a picture to prove it. Mind you this took place during lunch hour. Yet somehow, they pulled it off without getting in trouble. Jace*—- had brought along a can of beer that I had not been aware of. He mentioned that he would like to smoke a cigarette so to please pull over and he would take a smoke outside of the car. Wanting to accommodate him, being on Rodeo Drive, I turned right on the next available street and pulled over. He left the car, heading to a cinderblock short wall which was part of a planter and took a seat. He pulled out his cigarette, lit it up and then out of his jacket he produced a Coor’s Light! Oh Hell, now we are asking for more trouble. As I was about to put the car in park and go explain a few things about California to him, a tour van came up behind me and honked their horn. Seems I was in a loading zone. Jace*—- motioned me on, so around the block I went, expecting to see Jace*—- in hand cuffs when I got back. When I circled back around there was Jace*—- talking with all of the people who had gotten off the tour van. Having a great time. When he saw me, he told his new found friends, “Sorry, got to go. There’s my girl and that’s my ride. Nice to meet y’all. To which they all replied, “Bye Jace*—-, have fun in California.” I had to laugh and just shook my head at how this man could make friends in an instant and a friend I am sure they will never forget in their whole life.

It was certainly time to get out of Beverly Hills before he got to actually visit the Beverly Hills Jail. So, we licky split went to our next stop which was the In and Out experience. I had told Jace*—- all about the In and Out Burger Stand and now handed him the “Secret Menu.” I explained how that was not on the drive-up menu and if he saw something he liked on it we had to order it just as how it was written by name. For those of you who are not familiar with this whole concept here is how In and Out describes it:   

In and Out burger secret menu is perhaps one of the most well known in the fast-food industry, being much longer than most, boasting a list with dozens of burger modifications, extras, drinks & treats you didn’t even know existed with menu prices that rival the big competitors.

Well he got a real kick out of the idea and ordered a Double Flying Dutchman. This is how it is described on the secret menu: This is how you get your fix of juicy In-N-Out beef patties without delving into the carbohydrate-rich realm of buns on a burger.

Flying Dutchman burger, not known to many, is an option that removes the standard burger buns, leaving the customer with a savory mountain of meat and cheese. If you have the appetite, go for a “DOUBLE” Flying Dutchman

Caution: this dish can get sloppy fast. So, unless you want to look like a kid stuffing his face with cake at his 1st birthday, make sure to grab a stack of napkins before you enjoy this messy monster.

We each made our order at the drive thru, receiving it in boxes with lap papers for eating it in the car. As we drove away, Angie handed out the food. When she handed Jace*—- his order, he got the funniest look on his face and said, “Where’s the bun?” Now in his defense this is how it is listed now on their secret menu in 2020. I am not so sure that they were quite so adamant about no bun when describing it back in 2003. Long story short we went back and got him a new burger with buns included.

This was just the first half of the day. I will write about the rest of the day on the next blog. I think you may have had enough excitement for the day. Next time Hollywood here we come.

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