Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Hooray for Hollywood and My Jace*– (48)

With Beverly Hills successfully under our belts and our tummies full with the In and Out adventure, we were on our way to Hollywood, California. Being born in 1950 and seeing Hollywood in its golden years to what it has become, one grows a bit disenchanted with its outcome. But Jace*—- as with many others who are not from the area, still see the glamor of Hollywood. So, with that we were on our way to give him the whole experience.

We started by cruising Hollywood Blvd. Where he witnessed the larger than life Billboards, many of the well-known establishments such as, House of Blues, Whiskey A Go Go, Fredricks of Hollywood, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and the Viper Room, just to name a few. Then there are always the local people that travel the street. We parked by the Kodak Theater and started our walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was in awe of the Stars on the sidewalks with all the familiar names. I had given him a throw away camera for him to take pictures of his day and he went all out with excitement. As we walked along the street, we of course got to interact with all the people. There were those who were dressed up as Super Heroes or various entertainment celebrities. Of course, he had to interact with them, asking all kinds of questions.

He even took a picture of me with one of them. The banter between them was very amusing. Jace*—- was always quick witted and very entertaining to say the least. So if he had a captive audience, and one that could play off his antics, well be ready for some roaring laughter.

As we continued our stroll, we came to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where he stood in the footprints of John Wayne and a few other stars. He was so enjoying himself. It was really almost better than taking a kid to Disneyland. After, interacting with other tourists, local street merchants, homeless youth and any number of others along the way we went up into the Kodak Mall where he could see the Hollywood Sign. This was always a fascination to him. I use to buy him local postcards with all different sites that he took interest in. I had sent him one of the Hollywood Sign that was put up in the front window of his workplace. When we saw directions on how to get there, well how could I deny his wish.

Off we went through the Hollywood Hills, twisting and turning along the way. When we got there, he could hardly wait for me to park the car. He was out of the door so quickly it made my head swim. With my love, you always have to expect the unexpected and know that in any experience he will push it to the limit. I lassoed him long enough to take a few pictures. But that took some convincing as if the sign would be out of reach any minute. If you have had the experience to be by the sign, where we were directed to, there was residences all around. Blatantly people where not pleased that people came to see the sign. There were signs all over saying to have respect for there property and that the police were on speed dial. Then there was the sign that really caught Jace’s*—- eye, “Do not go past this sign or you will be prosecuted.” Well that’s like waving the red cape in front of a bull. If you say don’t it’s like an invitation to Jace*—-. If asked why, his answer will be because he can. The sign was like an invisible line, where it became trust passing onto the area protected leading to the path to the actual Hollywood Sign. So, picture me nervous knowing that the Hollywood Police do not play games and that my Jace*—- enjoys nothing more that to play games with authority figures. He stood by the sign, smiling at me, as if to say, “Come on Cindy, you know I can’t resist it.” Oh, how well I do. With that, he was jumping over the imaginary line and laughing at my reaction as I looked around to see if any of the neighbors would be putting in a call. And of course, might I add, somewhere, he had acquired another Coor’s light. Great, cause of course there was also a sign stating drinking on the property was against the law. Well, by know I’m pretty sure that Jace*—- has become well known in Beverly Hills and Hollywood area and it was definitely time to move on before I really was going to have to come up with the bail money.

I got him back in the car as he laughed at my insistence, telling me that all would be okay. As we drove on the way down the hill, which was at this point a one-way entrance and exit, here comes a black and white. I’m saying a prayer and Jace*—- is laughing. Well, we luckily slide right on by. I kept my eye on the rear-view mirror but we successfully made our get away. That was enough excitement for the day for me. I needed to get home and have my own drink.  Just kidding, but to be sure, Hollywood would always be a memory that I will never forget and yes as mischievous as he is, will always cherish with a laugh or two.

Next we need tires and then it’s off to Mammoth.

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