To Know Me Is To Know My Family: Share and Share Alike (#19)

Life on the farm had its challenges. Again, work was scarce and usually temporary or seasonal. Many items were shared between the siblings. They never looked on it as being deprived, but yes there were times that taking a turn was not always timely or appreciated. So here are a few stories about items my sisters and brother shared during their time in Olympia, Washington.

Alanna, Janice and Henry had a tricycle that they could share. They don’t remember it ever actually having 2 wheels, but that didn’t stop Alanna from enjoying the bike. She would walk it over to the Queen Ann Cherry Tree where she would lean the tricycle against it and climb on the seat. There she would move it back and forth on the one wheel pretending that she was off to see the world. She didn’t have to share the tricycle very much with her siblings as they didn’t seem to see as much value in it as Alanna did. To this day Alanna love to travel and has been able to fulfill those dreams.

The siblings had one pair of skates to share as well. There was no sidewalks or cement driveways, so the siblings would use the skates in the house. Because there are only 2 skates to a pair, they would take turns sitting on one of them and scoot across the floors. Simple pleasures, however they said it was uncomfortable for their little bottoms.

Alanna was very fond of the Cherry Choke Tree that was on their property. It was her magical place. A place where she could go to pretend making up all kinds of adventures and stories. She would climb the tree. After all it was just the right size for her. The limbs where in all the right places to make it easy for her to find a place up in the tree. The bark was smooth to the skin, making it very comfortable place to be.  The bonus was the fruit. She loved to eat the cherries, even though they had a sour taste. Unfortunately, a few times she ate too many resulting in a tummy ache.

Alanna wanted the tree for her own and did not wish to share it with others, siblings or cousins. After much thought she came up with an idea to make the others not want to climb “her tree.” She would take the cherries from the tree and spread the juice all over the limbs and trunk, making it sticky. It would be a very unpleasant experience for the others. So, at a very young age my sisters and brother learned that they indeed needed to learn to share with one another. They never felt like there was not enough in the family. Only that we all share what we have with one another.

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