Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (62) Gifts from the Otherside (Heaven) Thanks to my love Jace*—-

Forgive me I am jumping way ahead in Our Story, actually about 16 years, but we (Jace*—- and myself) want to gift others with the knowledge that love continues beyond the grave. Have a blessed Christmas and know that your loved ones are always close by even if they are in Heaven. You are never alone.

I moved on my birthday this year to a different state. Of course my Jace*—- moved with me. It was something I felt I was being led to do by the otherside. So, I packed my things with the help of my daughters, my son-in-law, and my grandsons and started out on my new adventure. Although I was born in Washington, I moved to California when I was 11 months old. I consider myself a California Girl through and through. I left a lot behind, my daughters Debbe and Becky, my sisters and brother, his wife who is my sister from another mother. I also left behind my grandsons, my niece who is only a year younger than me and a lot of friends. Then Covid 19 hit and well any plans on getting to know the area or making new friends have been put on hold. But I have adjusted with living my new life with my daughter and son-in-law who make me feel so welcome in their home and include me in everything. Zoom, the internet and of course the phone, texting has kept me in touch with old friends who have moved to other states and those that were left behind.

Now that you have a back ground we shall start this year’s Christmas surprises. First, I guess for those of you who do not know me I should mention that I am a medium/psychic. I am able to communicate with the dead. The love of my life, Jace*—-, my Twin Flame/Twin Soul passed in 2006. We have a very unusual relationship. I have been truly blessed as he has helped me through out the years after his passing in so many ways. He is my strength, my love, in death as he was in our life together.

It began with a light dusting of snow here in Nevada. Very unusual, but not unheard of, as it happens from time to time. My friend Amy, said that she felt it was sent from Jace*—- and that he would be sending gifts to follow. It would prove to be a magical Christmas indeed.

It all started with a necklace. It was a typical day, much like any other when I checked the mail. I got a bill, some Christmas cards and …. A package. At first, since we all receive our mail together, I thought it was for my daughter Angie, or perhaps Jon my son-in-law. But it was sent to me. Most the time I get a heads up that I will be receiving a gift from someone, or there is an address label that lets me know that identifies who it is from and then there is always the card that is enclosed. This gift had none of that and nothing to lead me to who had sent it to me. I opened it up and it was a necklace. It was beautiful, it touched my heart the minute I saw it. I knew instantly that who ever had sent it, that it had been orchestrated by my Jace*—-. It had an infinity sign along with an angel wing. Some back ground, twin souls are your other half. They are the one that you will spend eternity with as they are the completion of your soul, hence the infinity charm. The angel wing would stand for the fact that he is in heaven. I still have no idea who gave that to me.

Next through the mail I got a package from my sister. She sent me embroidered pillow cases. When I opened it, they had 2 birds on each of them. I thanked my sister and she commented, “I hope you understand the meaning behind it. They are love birds.” Immediately, I knew that she was honoring our love. Again a sign from Jace*—-.

A few days later, the doorbell rang and a large package had been left at our door. Angie opened the door to the package and brought it inside. “Momma this is for you.” Again, a surprise. She helped me open the large package. There was a dozen pink roses and a dozen lilies along with a vase. But again, no card, the package was from a florist and there was only their address on the package. Jace*—- has always had his ways of getting me roses in life and again in death. But those stories are for further along in my blog. Earlier that day I had an Askaskic records reading with my friend Darby Johnson. It was amazing, among so many other things I learned, my Jace*—- came through. First, he told me that I was his beautiful “Rose and how much he loved me.” We talked about some former lifetimes, among them our life together on the seas as him a Pirate Captain of his own ship and I as his wife who sailed the seas with him. I knew of this lifetime and have started a book about it. In the book, my name is Lily. Coincidence, I don’t think so, actually I know not. Later I did found out who this gift was from, Kay. We talked about it; she is honing her skills of becoming a medium. She told me she was moved to buy me flowers. But while looking through choices, she kept coming back to the pink roses and lilies. We agreed that it was Jace*—- directing her to make that choice.

Jace—- and I say goodnight every evening before bed. Sometimes we have conversations, other times he shows himself to me. This particular night I was thanking him for all the gifts that he had given me. Then I said, “The best gift of all would be to hear your voice again.” I told no one of my wish to Jace*—–. A couple of days later Angie came downstairs. She handed me a computer storage stick and said, “Do you want this Momma? It has home movies of Jace*—- on it. We have a Dvd we made with other things on it, including the footage on this stick, but we are going to throw it away if you don’t want it. I thanked her and asked if she could down load it on my computer too. She did and put it in a file on my desktop. Jace*—-, my love gave me my wish. I listened to it later that night. When it was just Jace’s*—- soul and myself in the room. He use to be the last voice I would hear before I went to sleep. It touched my heart and filled me up with love. But he gave me one other gift on the footage, his amazing personality. No one could make me laugh like Jace*—-and actually still does. The film make me bust out laughing. It filled his heart to see me laugh like that again. As he told me that was his gift this Christmas, along with my everlasting love. It has been truly a magical Christmas, full of love from family, even if we can’t be together and so many blessings and love from beyond the grave.

Please understand these things can and do happen to you as well. You just need to be open, recognize the synchronicity, and the signs. I wish you all the blessings of Jesus this year and the love and magic of Christmas for each and everyone of you.

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