To Know Me Is To Know My Family: (31) Fun in the snow

Some times during the winter months it was hard to find things to do in the snow. The kids were not outside long enough to make a snowman each day. Snowball fights were very limited. So, when they were able to get go outside it was a treat.

One of the games that they looked forward to playing was Goose, Goose. It just turns out to be an educational game as well, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. On most occasions they would play this game with our Dad. Mom and Dad would bundle the kids all up so that they would keep warm in the snow. Then Dad would lead them out of the house. From the first steps they would put their feet in his footsteps. Dad would take them to an open space where they would walk in a circle. Each of my siblings would follow in his footsteps, until the circle was complete. Next Alanna would lead, Henry would follow, with Janice following close behind walk across the middle of the circle, making the circle divided in half. Once they got to the top of the circle they would once again follow the footsteps to where they would cross the circle in half the other way, making the circles in fourths. What was educational about it? They learned math by putting the circle in fourths. They learned about tracking footsteps which also lead to tracking different animals. They learned that a Mother Goose walks first with her goslings walking in a line following her. They received lessons in math and nature. A simple game but one they all enjoyed so much.

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