Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (65) Trying to get back to where we were or better

The next couple of days we spent with just each other. Trying to repair what had been lost in the months that we had spent apart.  We were trying to catch up on what had happened and how we were going to make this time even better. While he was at work, I spent my time reflecting on what we had, our break up, and what had occurred since I had gotten to San Angelo. What could I be realistically upset about? After all we were not together during our separation. I really did not have the right to be upset about the woman/women that he may have been with, we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though that may be true it did not make me feel any better.

Of course, as usual, he came to his apartment each lunch time and I cooked dinner for him each evening. It was slow and steady process. But none the less we were trying.

This particular day, I had gone to the shopping center across the street from his apartment to the book store which also rented DVDs. Jace*—- had felt a little down when he came home for lunch so I decided to get a comedy for us to watch that night. When I got back, I had everything prepped for dinner that night. This way I could make it as soon as he came home. The time he would get home could vary up to 30 minutes or so, it would depend on when a person may come to pick up a car etc. Occasionally, only once, had it been later when I was in town. Jace*—- let me know that particular time that he would be running late. Tonight, there was a knock on the door. I thought well that was odd.  He had given me his keys so he didn’t have a key to unlock the door, but perhaps I forgot to leave it unlocked. Upon opening the door, I discovered it was his neighbor Randy. I invited him in, explaining that Jace*—- would be walking through the door anytime. I left the door open so Jace*—– could just walk right in. As we were talking, I thought he would either stand and wait for Jace*—- or sit across from me in the chair. But before I knew it, he was sitting very close to me on the couch. We started talking about my relationship with Jace*—-. I felt very uncomfortable. He placed his arm on the back of the couch, making his presence even more suggestive. I got up and stood close to the door until Jace*—- got home. He did not leave the couch after that. Soon Jace*—- walked through the open door. I greeted him as I always did, by putting my hands on his face and giving him a kiss. He was happy to see Randy and they talked for a while.

After the neighbor left, I made diner. We put the DVD into the player. It was a great movie called, “Without a Paddle” made in 2004. We both enjoyed it and laughed a lot. He thanked me and said, “You always know how to lift my spirit.” Afterwards we went into the bedroom and had our happy time. One thing was for sure, he without a doubt was the best lover I had ever experienced.

I never told Jace*—- what had happened with Randy that day. First, I may have misinterpreted it. But even if I hadn’t, I knew how Jace*—- would react. He would swing his fists first and ask questions later maybe.  I didn’t want that to happen. Being a single lady for a while, I have had to take care of myself for a very long time. So, I would not let anything happen to Jace*—-, although I had heard that he would have probably beaten the stuff right out of Randy. I have heard he was small but mighty and extremely fast. Even though the Bro code may not have been Randy’s best virtue, he did love Jace*—- and I knew he would watch over him while I was not there. Because I love Jace*—- I didn’t want to start any problems with his friends.

Next Wrong move on my part. Let’s just say, I shouldn’t have tried to match them drink for drink.

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