To Know Me Is To Know My Family: (36) Mom gets a steady full time job

Mom talked it over with my Dad and decided that she would try to get a full-time job. It was becoming more difficult to support the family with jobs that were available to World War 2 Servicemen. So, she put out her feelers and found a job as a File Clerk at the State Capitol. We are not sure how she became aware of the job, whether it was through the newspaper or if one of our relatives may have worked at the Capitol and referred Mom to the job. If any of the Elhardts out there have any info about this, we would appreciate the clarity.

Mom started her job on Wednesday, February 11, 1946. She really enjoyed her job and was very proud to be working for the state. My sisters remember Mom always dressed very nicely. Alanna remembers Mom in a gray suit with a pink blouse and Janice remembers Mom’s Chartreuse suite with a gray blouse. They said she always looked beautiful, her hair was neatly combed in a very stylish fashion, she was very tiny in size, looking very ladylike and professional. Mom always did dress to the “nines” always dressing the part.

Mom was very good with numbers. She also had a great memory. This helped her to get her promotion. They gave her the job of Head of the License for Cars Department. It also helped that she was very dedicated and always found any document that was required. We were all very proud of her along with her being proud of herself as she should have been.

Many political figures visited the State Capitol, but one particular morning on September 10th, Dad happened to be dropping off Mom at work when they saw President Harry Truman taking an early morning stroll. It was a very exciting sighting for them. Here is a brief paragraph written about it in the local newspaper:

Truman woke up early for a pre-breakfast stroll. Accompanied by one secret service agent, the president walked through the gardens at the governor’s mansions and the Capitol grounds. Police kept onlookers a block away. After breakfast with the governor, the party left for Bremerton by automobile for an outdoor talk in front of the Elk’s club. They arrived just after 11:00 a.m., and Truman began speaking at 11:40. He told of his cross-state trip the day before, and the beautiful sights he saw. He talked about the Columbia River, and its awesome power.

Three other Presidents would visit the State Capitol, Rutherford B. Hayes arrived in Olympia in October 1880, twenty-three years, later in 1903, President Teddy Roosevelt and President Franklin Roosevelt came to visit in 1937.

Mom put in her letter of resignation and left her job at the State Capitol on September 12th, 1949. She was pregnant with me at the time.

Next the big earthquake in Olympia in 1949, and how it effected my family.

Side note During World War 2 Mom took drafting classes through Douglas Aircraft. She was very proud of her achievement as we are too.

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