To Know Me Is To Know My Family: (38) 71 years later. Here we go again. I’m born

I thought it would be fun to be born again 71 years later, so here is my story.

This is a picture of me in 1957 with Dr. Roy Moore. He brought me into this world.

In 1949 my Mom became pregnant with me. She was working at the Washington State Capitol at the time. It must have been a very exhausting time for her as along with working, she had motherly duties of 3 children 6 years and younger, and living the farm life. Yet, true to my Mom’s nature, she never complained.

As I was growing inside her, she worked at her job until she was about 6 months along in her pregnancy. During that time, she endured an earthquake (#37 in my blog). After what she experienced, I think I would have left. But she continued to work for the sake of the family, God bless her.

The ladies at her job, threw her a shower for the baby (me). This helped out, as surely, I was a new expense that taxed our family. I’m sure our extended family also helped us out.

My siblings, Alanna, Henry and Janice, were told that Mom was expecting a baby. They were excited but did not fully understand what that meant. Let’s just say as years went on, I was “the baby” and along with that I certainly could be a handful. To this I apologize to my siblings.

St. Peter’s Hospital Olympia, WA

When the time came for Mom to go to the hospital, she told my siblings that when she would return, she would bring a new baby back home. Off my parents went to Saint Peter’s Hospital in Olympia. Mom’s physician Dr Moore, met her there. While going throw labor pains and being examined they realize that I had not turned as of yet. I was possibly going to born breech. Doctor Moore tried his best to turn me into the head first position, but with no success. This was very uncomfortable and painful for Mom. I of course was not co-operating. I’ve always been stubborn and a bit of a rebel. I do regret causing my Mom discomfort. So around 1 pm I was born feet first. I caused my Mom to miss lunch, which I was reminded of from time to time jokingly. I came into this world weighing in at 4 pounds 13 ounces and 18 inches long. Mom insisted that I was not premature because I had a full head of hair, eye lashes that came half way down my cheeks, and nails on my fingers and toes. I did however make my way to an incubator for at least 10 days. I would not be allowed to leave the hospital until I weighed 5 pounds. In those days, Mom stayed 10 days in the hospital after giving birth. This was standard procedure.

When I came home to my family, my siblings were excited to see the new addition. I stayed in the bedroom with my parents in a one of the cribs my siblings stayed in as well. Alanna, Henry and Janice stayed in the only other bedroom where they all slept in one bed sideways. I asked my siblings if I was a fussy baby. They said yes, adding, just as I am a fussy adult jokingly. Knowing myself as well as I do, I’m more than sure I made myself known from the very beginning. I was blessed to be born into my family. I had the most amazing parents who where always there for us, very supportive in all we did, and always put us first. We never went hungry, were dressed presentable and clean. We always felt loved. As for my siblings, I sure I was always a challenge, but they too were always there for me. They have supported my hopes, dreams and zany beliefs and ways, without fail. God surely blessed me when I became an Elhardt into this wonderful family. I love you all very much.

This is me in my mini dress, 1967 in front of the hospital where I was born.

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