Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (68) Home again, Home again jiggy jig

The next day I had my flight home. We had just had a break through, or at least I did. Even though it was always, and I mean always hard to leave Jace*—- this time was even more so. We got up, mostly in silence which was not unusual on the days that we would have to part for a long period of time. Once again, I got into his Bronco and we were off to the airport. Communication began, how we hated to part. But along with that discussion came the question where was our relationship. Jace*—- asked if we were together again? Were we going to try to make a go of it? My answer was do you want to? Why did we keep these important conversations to the last minute? When we wouldn’t really have enough time to tell each other what we really felt. Looking back, it was the easy way out. You see never of us ever really wanted to end it. Even when he broke up with me, he told me his door was always open. I could come there and stay at anytime I wanted to. I would be received with open arms. He wanted to remain friends. Why? Because never of us could imagine life without each other in it. Rather than have the talk and face possible disappointment, we would do anything to put it off because the fear was just too much to bear. Before I realized it, he had pulled the car over to the side of the road. In my inner thoughts I was wondering if he would want to continue. After all I had behaved poorly. It seemed as though the odds were against us really, when you think about it. There was interference with friends. He had left things out that should have been swept cleaned before I got there. I topped that off with getting totally shit faced and losing my cool. Wow, why shouldn’t we have questions and be confused. But the day before I was to leave, it all came together. He showed his unconditional love for me. His willingness to forgive, even make excuses for me. I’ve truly never known anyone like that before. So, as we sat by the side of the road, he turned to me and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of his and said, “Babe, of course I want to be with you. I’ve wanted to be with you since last March. I’ve been waiting for you, waiting for us. But, how do you feel?” I put my hands on his face, kissed his lips and told him that I couldn’t imagine life without him. I then said, “I have to tell you something about when we were apart.” He didn’t want it hear it. He was afraid of what I was about to say. He thought I was going to confess to him that I had been with someone else during our time apart. Which had not happened. But I insisted. He held his breath and I blurted it out, “The only way I made it through without you during our time apart was knowing that we would be together in another life time.” You should have heard the sigh of relief and the smile on his face. We shared a very deep kiss. When he pulled back he said, “Then we are going to make this work. I never want to be apart from you again. I know what I almost lost and I won’t do anything ever again to jeopardize our relationship together.” With that, we started on to the airport where we made it just in time for my flight home.

All the way home I played over in my mind that last few minutes we shared on the way to the airport. I realized, although I had known it all along, I could not face a life without my Jace*—- by my side.

Next, time apart until we meet for our next time together for 3 weeks of bliss.

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