Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (#76)

This past week I received this from Tweeter, Jace’s*—- best friend and friend of mine. She so brilliantly captured Jace’s*—- essence that I asked permission to share it with all of you. Enjoy and once again learn of what an amazing man our Jace*—- was and still is even from heaven.


I wrote this at the end of your last blog.

I can’t wait to read the next blog. You have so helped me remember Jace for the man and friend he was to everyone. I will always be his Tweeter and he, my Professor. These name that we have for each other started in our freshman year in college. He was my best friend and partner in crime. There was never a dull moment when Jace was around. So many memories of pranks we pulled on students and faculty during our college days. And Lord if you could have seen the look on my mother’s face when I took him to her lake house to visit and fish. She had a dark cool basement and Jace walked down the stairs to take a look around and then came back upstairs where my mom was sitting and said “ I could make us a lot of money if you allow me to grow marijuana in your basement “ of course he was joking but my mom had never met him before and I thought she was going to cuss him out but she surprised me and replied back. That her cut would be 60/40. They both laughed after that. Then the time his ex was hiding at his house in her car when I went to drop him off one night. He yelled for me to put my car in reverse and stamp on the gas to the floor. Remember it was dark as hell. Well, I did what he told me to and luckily made it out of his driveway without hitting anything. Then we took off across kemp street and I followed his instructions to turn down an alley to lose the ex-girlfriend. So, I did. We look up and she outsmarted us and was coming fast down the alley toward us. There was no way out but to put the car in reverse. Again, it’s darker than dark and I can’t see well at night. But being Obedient to my friend I put the car in reverse and turned around so I could maneuver it backwards at a high unsafe rate of speed. Believe it or not I was going 60mph backwards in a narrow alley with trash bins and ruts everywhere. It was by the grace of God I did not wreck my car. I looked at Jace then and said “ I’m taking your skinny ass home before you get me killed.”  To this day I still have no clue why we were running from his ex. Our relationship was strictly platonic and their relationship was over. He and I were always playing games of truth or dare. I refused to tell the truth and would take dare every time. Well, there was this one particular night we took a break from studying and went back out to lake Wichita where he chose would to be the place I had to do the dare. I can’t share details on here of that night but I will say there was a teenage kid there that night that said he had run away from home. He had rode his bike to the park. I believe he was 16. The dare I was told to do was not inappropriate at all. Just to ease the curious minds. But the night ended with us putting his bike in my car and drove him home where he would be safe. I was fortunate that my husband was not jealous of Jace. He trusted him with me and knew our friendship was platonic and that if I was with Jace I was safe. Until the night at lake Wichita and I was standing on the wooden pole acting like the karate kid doing the Crain like in the movie. I did it perfect several times. I stepped off to dismount off the pole and Jace or someone had thrown a beer bottle down around the pole on the ground. Well, when my foot reached the ground, my ankle twisted in an awkward position and pain shot through my foot and radiated up my leg. It instantly became very large and swollen and I was unable to bear weight. We didn’t leave the park for another good 2 hours cause Jace was visiting with one of his many friends. Finally, we left and I dropped him off at his house. When I got home, I hobbled into my room and went to bed. I got up at 6 a.m. because I had to get ready to go to work. Forgetting about my accident the night before I stood up and fell flat on my face. Now I had a busted nose and lip and deep scratches on my arm from my dresser I fell into before I fell flat on my face. My 2 kids were still young and my husband was at work. I had to call my next-door neighbor to get me out of the floor and help me get dressed. How embarrassing but I couldn’t do anything my foot was throbbing so bad. I was crying. My neighbor woke my kids and got them dressed and him and his wife drove me to ER to have my foot X-Rayed. Come to find out my ankle was badly broken. This break caused me to be in a cast for over 1.5 years and 5 different surgeries and a walking boot for 3 years just to end up with my ankle having to be medically re-broken to fix it correctly.

I would not trade these memories I had with him for anything. I know Cindy understands what it means to be loved by Jace is to be loved forever. To this day I have never had another friend like him. No one holds a candle to the way Jace could make me feel and how he made me laugh. He touched so many lives young and old, rich or poor, beautiful or unattractive, big or small.  These things did not matter to Jace. He did not see someone’s outside appearance. He looked always deep in their hearts. His door to his apartment was always open and anyone could come in and just be themselves and they were always welcome. He brought out the best in me. When I felt like giving up being a nurse, he would push me and give me the courage to succeed. He was my Ginney pig when I was learning to administer injections and I became an expert administering his insulin. He was my study buddy when I had to learn how to do a full head to toe assessment identifying the muscles, joints, bones, cranial nerves and much more. He was there to help me write my term papers which I hated English class and writing more than anything. But this was his passion and this is where he received his nickname of the “professor “. I hated my history classes but he helped me learn in a way that was fun. Even though I still hate history. I have been an RN for 24 years now and I owe a lot of my early knowledge to Jace. He had a gift that would open a closed mind up. He wouldn’t let me or anyone he loved and cared about give up. He always encouraged for excellence. To this day I hope he realizes how much I loved and cherished the special bond of friendship we had and there’s not a day goes by that I wish I would have picked up on something he said the night before when he called and we talked on the phone for 2 hours. I still often blame myself for not listening more closely or something. That night his friends, family and Cindy the love of his life, all our lives changed forever. He will always have a place in my heart that no other will ever touch. He was an angel here on earth as he is now in heaven. There was so much good in Jace. He remains my “Professor “for eternity. Cindy, please share all of this with him and tell him I will forever love and cherish him. He once saved me from myself and I am forever grateful. I wish I could have saved him.

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