Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (#79) The Wedding

It’s the morning of Angie and Dan’s Wedding. Seems like we have a million things to do. As much as I wanted to stay in bed cuddling my Jace*—- we are up and at them, then I got a call from my sister Janice asking for me to pick up the Ring Barrer’s (her Grandson’s) tux from her house for the ceremony. So Jace*—- got into the car and we were on our way. I wish looking back that I would have made some other arrangements to have it picked up. As it turned out it took more time than I thought it would which caused me not to be able to spend as much time with Angie before the wedding. Mission accomplished.

Jace*—– and I got back to the room giving us little time to get ready for the wedding.  I lost time for a shower so my hair was not co-operating and I was getting anxious. My Jace*—- told me I always looked beautiful, even on the days that I may have woken up with bed head. Luckly it wasn’t that bad today. Then he said, “It’s Angie’s Day babe, lets get there and give her the love and support she needs.”  I was very thankful for his words, as often it set me straight.  So off we went.

As we entered the church parking lot, we saw that the photographer was starting to take pictures of the wedding party.  As we walked up, Angie said, “There you are.” They were thankful that we had gotten there just in the nick of time and so were we.  Let the fun began. We took so many pictures. Angie asked for Jace*—- to be in the pictures. That made him so happy. We had lots of fun taking them. Soon, it was time to go to the church and get the ceremony started. The music began. It was time for me to walk Angie down the aisle. It was an emotional moment for me and I shed a few tears. She made a beautiful bride. The ceremony was lovely.

Time to go to the reception. This was where Jace*—– would meet my sisters and brother-in-law for the first time. He handled it very well although I am sure that he must have been nervous. You would never know it as he was his usual social self; it was show time. They all greeted Jace*—– with open arms and the conversations flowed freely.  

It was time for the money dance, Jace*—– started the dance with Angie. As the dance proceeded, she would change partners frequently Jace*—–  could see that she was uneasy at times. So true to his nature Jace*—– would come to save the day by cutting in and making her laugh. Next came time for the parents to dance. Jace*—- walked me to the floor where he took me into his arms and we shared a very magical dance. As we moved across the floor, he kissed me. I was emotional as my little girl was getting married. My youngest. This meant that all of my children were now adults and on their way. I guess sort of that “Empty nest feeling.” He then said to me, “You have taken care of your girls and others for a very long-time love. Now it is time for you to be taken care of. Please let me have the honor to be the one to do that. “ That moment was so potent for me. I felt so loved. A love I had never experienced with another man. Jace*—– knew how to love. I have never been loved like that before. We stayed until the all the guests left, giving Angie and Dan our love. Now it was back to our room. Tomorrow Jace*—- would be going back to San Angelo. We did not have nearly enough time to be together. We had an amazing night. We made sweet love, ending with him saying hold me close all night love. I need to feel you by my side.

Morning came way to soon. We got our stuff together. Meet up with Angie and Dan in the parking lot. Jace*—- decorated her car with the “Just Married” sign with coke cans trailing behind the back of the car. He did a great job. Before you know it, they were off on their way to start their life.

I really was hoping to take him into Knotts Berry Farm. Especially because I wanted to get a picture of us taken at the Old Time Photo Shop. I had a wall of these types of pictures and I wanted one of them up there of us. But unfortunately, we did not have the time. How I wish we could have made that happen.

It was time to be on our way to the Long Beach Airport to get Jace*—– on his flight. As we got there we parked and went up to the Café to get something for my Jace*—- to eat. He ate very little, so we got him another sandwich to go. We always had to be mindful of his blood sugar. As we waited for his food-to-go to come, we hugged and talked of how it would not be long for us to see each other again. Hopefully, (this being November of 2005) it would be when I was to move to Texas in February 2006. He was so sad that day, as I was too, because we just wanted too never be apart again. To many times in our relationship, we had to say goodbye to be apart for months at a time. He started to cry. I rarely had seen him shed tears. I kissed him and asked if there was something else wrong. This is when he brought up work and said that things were not going as well as he had hoped. They were not giving him the jobs that he needed to make good money. I asked him if he wanted to move to Cali? He could come here if things weren’t working out in Texas. He looked at me with those gorgeous tearful eyes and said, “Babe we both know that I would never make it out here.” I had known that for a very long time, but had never mentioned it to him. You see Jace*—- was Texas. He needed the wide-open spaces. California was to much of a concrete jungle for him. I smiled and agreed. I reminded him, shortly we would be together and things would be different. My man was so sad and heartbroken. I felt it so clearly. So deeply. I hoped that he would hold on knowing that soon things would change.

Next more plans for the future.

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