Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (#80) Back to plan A

It was back to reality. That meant working and preparing for the big move to Texas hopefully in February as Jace*—- had planned. There was so much to do. So many plans to be made and then there was the major problem, money. This move to Texas was going to be a bit more than I expected.

Jace*—– and I continued our nightly calls at least for the next couple of months.  We talked about our plans, how we would fly him out to California before the move. We would load up all that we were taking and he would drive the truck back to Texas because of his truck driving experience. I would follow him in my car and Angie would follow me all the way to our new home. As I had mentioned before in our blog, Angie was really the only one that had a job lined up in San Angelo at Target in the office. I was going to move into Jace’s apartment and hopefully get a job as a Preschool Teacher as soon as possible. Jace—- had been researching the want ads and said that he has been seeing several in the last few months. I was hopeful, but if I had to wait, because Preschool teacher’s openings usually came around the same time which was May through September, I would try to get a job at Angie’s target as a cashier or whatever was available at the time.  Angie and Dan would have the help of Dan’s mother to hopefully set up an apartment and so life would begin in the little town of 80,000, San Angelo, Texas. When I think of how we were really not that prepared and was taking it on the fly, I marvel at our adventurous natures.

It was in late December when he called during the day and told me that he was almost through moving. We usually talked before we went to bed. So, this was a bit out of character. But when he mentioned moving, I had not a clue really. I said, “Move? Are you helping someone to move?” Jace’s*—- reply was, “No babe. I’ve given up the apartment and moved in with Cletus and his wife.” You could have knocked me over with a feather. Now, he had mentioned in the last year or so that Cletus had mentioned suggesting that Jace*—– move in with him. But never had Jace*—- mentioned that he actually was going to do it. I just went along with it. Like ok, I understand, if this is what you want Jace*—–.  He got off the phone shortly after that as he had to get back to moving. They were putting his furniture and things into a storage unit. After we were off the phone my head was spinning. Now there was nowhere to move. I certainly was not moving in with Cletus, not that I was invited. So how was this all going to work when we moved there. In later conversations he mentioned that maybe we could move in with Angie and Dan temporally, but I was thinking no way. That was just too much to ask for them to take us on until we could get a place of our own. So now we had even more of a money problem. How was I ever going to get this to work now?

Next time   A very big disappointment.

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