Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: He Called Me Love (6)

Morning came after another incredible night of making love. Never in my 51 years had I experienced a man who new a woman’s body like my Jace*—- did. He was such a considerate, gentle yet passionate lover. He knew exactly what to do to please me. Just how far to use his experience because he was so in tune with me spiritually, mentally and physically. It wasn’t about being a conquest or obtaining only his satisfaction.  No, it was almost like an art form.  A definite spiritual blending of our souls. At times I would let my mind wander.  I would wonder about the other woman he had known, but then I would get the sense that it wasn’t the same with any other woman, just as it wasn’t for me with any other man.

Right before the alarm went off, I laid there, slowly waking up in his arms, enveloped in his love.  He was spooning me ever so closely. As the alarm sounded, I heard a sleepy groan come from his lips. The words escaped from his mouth, “no please. I want to be here with you just like this all day and all night.” With that he gently turned so I was facing him when he referred to me, with what was to become his name for me, forever, “Love.” It filled my heart and soul with and immense amount of joy and happiness. Then he continued, “Mornin’ Love, How about a kiss?” I reacted immediately as the thought entered my mind, as many as you want forever and always. Your desire is the same as mine. After several kisses from long and deep to short and sweet, it was time for him to start his day. Reluctantly he exited the bed, with heaven and desire in his eyes and bit of a pout on his sweet lips, that read I really don’t want to do this. He got dressed, shaved and came towards me.  As I still was in bed he leaned down and our lips met.  With a slight moan he was headed towards the door. He stopped and turned before leaving. With love in his eyes he said, “Everything within me wishes to stay and play with you today. You will be in my thoughts and in my heart all day. I will truly be missing you. I love you. Until tonight.” I melted with his words as I had done numerous times since I first heard his voice. I pledged my love for him.

My heart hurt as I heard his Bronco start that day. Was it because we only had two more nights together before I had to leave? Or was it because my love for him went so deep that now he truly was a part of me and letting him go felt like the end of my world?

To start my day, I strolled down to the Wichita Falls in Lucy Park. It was so pretty. True it was man made. Seems a flood went through the area where the falls were originally. It destroyed the natural formation, never to return. It was very peaceful, a certain Zen to it. There was a collection of beautiful falls.  In addition there were butterflies that fluttered through the air as you walked on the trail. A grasshopper stood on the path large in search for its next meal.  Several forms of nature were about from insects, small critters, a lizard, and what appeared to be pretty wild flowers.

As I made my way back through the parking lot to the Motel, I met a young girl, sitting on the tail gate of her truck. I’d say she was in her early thirties.  “Hey”, she said, with a smile. From there we got acquainted pretty quickly. One thing about Texas, is that everyone is so friendly, kind and polite. I soon learned that she was from actually Louisiana. I guess friendliness is a Southern thing. I mentioned that I was going to call a cab to go to the local Target to pick up a few items I had forgotten. She hopped down from the tailgate, turned around pushed it up to put it back into place. She said that she would be happy to give me a ride. After all, her boyfriend was at work and she had nothing better to do. Normally no matter who made the offer, the rule applied “You never get into a car with a stranger.” Yet, for some reason I did. I do not suggest anyone do this. Happy to say, God watched over me and all went well. We went to Target and she went her way and I went mine. We agreed to meet in the front at Food Avenue, when we were done. Finished, we rolled on toward the Motel. She asked if I would mind if we stopped off at a liquor store before heading back. It was a little out of the way but she wanted something for the evening. I said sure, and off we went. Mind you I didn’t know my way around this town.  I was just along for the ride. Little did I know that liquor stores were on the outskirts of town. We got there, she did her business, while I found a four pack of White Russians, my favorite. As we got back into her truck my anxiety started to rise as I noticed the time. It was 4:20 pm. How long had I been gone? How long would it take for us to get back? I had mentioned to Jace*—-the night before that I might take a cab to Target. He suggested that I waited until he got home from work. I said I didn’t want to waste our time together doing something like that and that it would be no problem. To go on my own. I could see he felt a little uneasy about my decision but he knew I was “hard headed” as he mentioned before in conversations. So, he did not push the matter any further. Now, here I was in a truck with someone I didn’t know and I had no clue how long it would take for us to get back to the motel. On top of that, I might not make it back before Jace*—- got home from work. I knew he would be worried sick. I had forgotten my cell phone so all I could do was to pray and hold my breathe that we would make it back in time. I was almost sick with worry. We got back to the Motel around 5:10 pm, twenty minutes before he usually would drive up. Phew, I was relieved but still trying to calm down. I thanked my Louisiana friend as I entered my room never to see her again. She was gone the next day.

I freshened up, put a little makeup on and had just finished changing my clothes when I heard his truck. I did my nightly ritual of popping open a cold beer for him to enjoy after a long day of work. I greeted him with a long, deep kiss and handed him his drink. Although he loved his beer, you could tell the kiss is what excited him. I sighed, as I was back, I was safe, and Jace*—- was spared any worry. I took out a White Russian and handed it to him to open for me. From that moment forward, he would open every beverage of mine. It was a small gesture of his kindness and willingness to take care of me. As Jace*—- saw my drink, his eyes got a look I would grow to recognize. A wonder of what I had been up to or what adventure I had gotten myself into that day. I gave him my, oh, how do I talk my way out of this look. I couldn’t help it, I spilled my guts and told him of the whole day’s adventure. He listened intently until I finished, not interrupting me once, methodically collecting his thoughts as to what to say when I finally finished.  Looking at me, he said, “If something were to have happened to you, I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking.” I apologized as I never wanted to cause him any worry. I agreed it was very foolish of me, looking back I still don’t know what I was thinking. I could tell, this had shaken him to the core. What if something would have happened to me? The look of loss on his face was more than I could take. I didn’t know what more words I could say to comfort him. He excused himself to take a long, hot shower. It was his way of cooling off. I felt so bad, had I ruined everything by my actions? I knew his concern was from the heart and nothing more than that. He truly didn’t want anything bad to happen to me, for without me he would be lost. 

Jace*—- spent his time in the shower being the Virgo that he is, analyzing the situation, taking everything into consideration and processing his thoughts before reacting.  When he exited the shower, I sensed a shift in his mood.  Jace*—- came out with a difference in perspective. He always understood who I was, who I am and looked for the best of me in every situation.

We sat down as he asked me to always let him know if I was going to leave somewhere when we were together. To make him aware of where I was going, that way he could help me if I got in to any trouble. See, trouble has always been my middle name ever since birth. My heart went out to him. I had caused him to worry and I wished to never do that to him again.  I had never been with a man who cared so much about my well-being and wanted to protect like no one ever had.

It was time for dinner, so we threw some suggestions back and forth and ultimately, we choose to stay in and have pizza delivered. We wanted to be together, so very close tonight as to cherish our last two evenings together. The pizza came quickly. We ate, listened to music and danced slow a little bit. Then we watched some television and found ourselves in bed early, where we made love to each other passionately, taking our time with each other, enjoying every moment. I tend to believe that given the situation earlier in the day and his concern for what could have happened to me, took a toll on him.  I’m sure it didn’t help knowing that we had just one more night together before I would return to California. Realizing that was such a disappointment.

We had truly just found one another and in the short time we were physically together our connection had grown so much deeper.  Questions stirred in my mind.  When would see each other again? When would I be able to feel his comforting embrace?  When would his lips touch mine again?  Long distance was difficult. The odds were against us. But a true connection like ours would not let something like that get in our way.

We fell fast asleep holding each other closely, wishing the next day would never come.

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