Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Ladies of the Evening are always interesting (39)

Time is getting close for me to have to go back to Cali. I really hate having to part with Jace*—-. It just keeps getting harder, never easier.

Jace*—- is off to work with a kiss. I just stayed at the apartment, slept in for a while. I was happy to see him come home for lunch. I asked my Jace*—- what he would like to eat and he said, “Peanut Butter and Jelly. So, I did my best and made him 2 sandwiches. Image this, he didn’t even complain about my cooking. Pleased with myself, I gave him a passionate kiss and sent him on his way back to work. We both would have loved to have taken it farther, but he had gotten in trouble for being late to work way to many times since I have been here.

After he left for work, I went down to the Historic part of San Angelo. I fell in love with the place. It is located on Historic Concho Avenue. The whole block had   fascinating places to visit, like Miss Hattie’s, an Antique Store, Eggmeyers General Store, Cowboy Up Chocolates and E H Danner Museum of Telephony just to mention a few. I visited both museums, but Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum was my favorite. It was a working Whore House from 1902 to 1952. Seems that there was a bank across the street on the corner that had an underground tunnel that led to the Bordello. Men would bring their wives to do shopping on the street, telling them that they were going to the bank to “make a deposit.” Wow, that was convenient.

A few stories about Miss Hattie’s were:

The building that houses Miss Hattie’s was constructed in 1901. A Mrs. A.H. Hutton acquired the second floor of the 18 East Concho building in a divorce settlement in 1902 and opened Miss Hattie’s. Her ex-husband operated the saloon downstairs. Miss Hattie’s was owned and operated under different owners for 30 years until being shut down by the Texas Rangers in 1948.

Miss Blue’s Room – Everything from walls to sheets to wardrobe was blue in her room. She was a very popular. She had a tub and a cold water tap in her room. Her room was located adjacent to the bathroom the best located adjacent to the bathroom, the best location in the house.

The Bathroom – Miss Hattie had the very first indoor bathroom in all of San Angelo. The bathtub and sink are the originals in the room.

Miss Kitty’s Bedroom – Miss Kitty inherited a ranch from one of her customers. The descendants of Kitty and her three children still live in and around San Angelo. They are still ranching from this unique legacy- a ranch with a most interesting beginning.

Miss Goldie’s Parlor and Bedroom – Goldie was the star attraction. She was lovely, with natural golden hair, and commanded the exorbitant price of $2.00 for her favors. A wealthy rancher fell in love with her and asked that she entertain only him with the condition that he remember her in his Last Will and Testament. She did, he didn’t. She was forced to go to work in her late 30’s. Miss Goldie was one of the girls here during the last raid.

I also loved Eggmeyers General Store where I made several purchases. My very favorite purchase was measuring cups in the shape of hens in a chicken coop. Of course, I went to the chocolate store. Chocolate is my alcohol.

Having had a great adventure, I made my way back to the apartment with all my treasures just in time to shower and clean up to look good for my Jace*—-. I made dinner for him. It was ready for when he walked in the door. We had stew (Angie’s recipe), and cornbread. He didn’t complain and actually said it was delicious. He did mention that he would teach me how to make his Mom’s skillet cornbread. He said it was the best he had ever tasted. Unfortunately, that day never came. He passed before we got the chance to make it together. But the knowledge of his words, came in handy when attending his funeral. I mentioned it to his Mom and it seemed to make her happy and touched her heart. After dinner we watched a movie. The movie was “Up the Creek. I rented it from a bookstore across the street on Sherwood Way. We laughed so much, we really enjoyed it.

Later we moved to the bedroom where we talked about our relationship and how much he enjoyed having me there at his apartment. We laughed at his stories and then made beautiful love. It was a wonderful day. Tomorrow is our last full day together. I’m going to pretend that is not that the truth. It can wait. In the famous words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

Next Day 6 Do I have to go home?

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