Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: It’s Goodbye Again (40)

Jace 40

I go back to Cali today. This is always a difficult time for us when we are together. We woke up fairly early. The first words from my love’s mouth was I am going to make you late for your flight. I felt the same. I didn’t want to leave, but I have to get back to my kids and work. We kissed, held on to each other and made sweet love. We got up and checked my flight schedule and was happy to see that I didn’t have to be at the airport until 5 pm. Unlike LAX, San Angelo Airport is so small that you only have to there ½ hour early to check in.

Wanting breakfast, we decided to go to Ihop. It’s one of my a restaurant we both liked and was good as usual. Not wanting to go back to the apartment we went to one of our favorite places, Lake Nasworthy. Today we just hanged out together. We did one of our pass times we so enjoy, being out in nature and watching wildlife. We saw deers, squirrels, a road runner and across the lake were some lamas. Jace*—- brought a chair, which he gave me to sit in, so we took cover under a shade tree. I drank a coke and he drank beer. As we were talking, Jace*—mentioned us going fishing someday, which is something to look forward too. We laughed at his stories. We spent some time people and animal watching, laughing at their funny antics. It was very relaxing and we were able to forget about me having to leave for a short time.

After a while we left, going to the grocery store where we bought steaks, potatoes and corn. Then it was back to the apartment. Jace*—- BBQ the steaks and I cooked the potatoes and corn. While food was cooking Jace*—- would come back up stairs to talk with me. One of the times that he went back down to check on the steaks he fell downstairs. He seemed to be taking longer than usual, but I thought he probably had gotten caught up in conversation with one of his neighbors. When he came back up, I could see he was walking as if he was in pain and asked him if he was okay. He then told me what had happened. I was so worried about him. I asked if he wanted to go to the emergency hospital but he just played it off. I told him I would go down and check on the steaks, but he insisted that he would. Soon we ate our food. Everything was tasty, but my time to leave was coming soon. I didn’t want to go back home right then, after his fall, but he insisted I go and that he would be ok. I reluctantly accepted what he wanted. I went into his room after doing the dishes to get everything packed and ready to go. He was on the couch laying down. I wrote him a letter and left it on his pillow. I wanted him to have something to read for after I left. It just told him what a wonderful time I had with him, how I wished I could have stayed longer. I let him know of how proud I was to be seen with him in town, holding his hand and that I hoped that next time we didn’t have to be apart as long. I proclaimed my love for him and that I would call him as soon as I got home.

Now we were out the door and on our way to the airport. We passed by the deer under the powerlines. It never failed, no matter what time of the day, what season it was, either coming or going to the airport, we always saw the deer. Soon I was checking in. There were tears, and I love you’s. His usual passionate kisses and hugs that I would have to hold on to until the next time we would be together. And then my Jace*—- saw me off. I boarded the plane once again to be separated from the man I loved so dearly. We flew over Lake Nasworthy, and although I would not see him from the plane, I knew he was down there watching me fly over. It was what he always did each and every time.

Someday we will have our forever my love. Until then you are always in my heart and forever in my soul.

Coming up next, back to the grind and living for his phone calls.

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