Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: The Cookie Man (41)

Here I am back to reality. Things are so peaceful, so happy when I’m with Jace*—- Life is so simple by his side, feeling safe, knowing I am loved more than I have ever been. Its like being swept away into another reality. He is my strength, my protector, my true North. The one I trust completely with my life. My safe place where I will always live my happy ever after.

It was back to work for me. Being a nanny for Cory and Noelle was wonderful. I love those 2 very much and they bring joy into my heart. Their father and I did not get along to well. I have a feeling I won’t be here much longer because he and I don’t see eye to eye. I’ve known his son since he was 3 years old while in the preschool, that I had worked at until a year before it closed. He was always delightful and held a special place in my heart as has his sister. I just feel something coming but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I loved coming back to my kids. They always gave me strength as well. A purpose for living. So, that was a pleasure to come back home to them. They filled my life with happiness.

Our phone calls and instant messaging continues and they are what keeps me going. I look forward to them each and every evening. He told me another story which had me laughing so much.

Jace*—- has a daughter by a former marriage. He loved her very much and in this story they were partners in a mischievous adventure. Seems Jace*—-, his wife and daughter decided to go for an outing at the mall. His wife had a few things in mind to purchase and it promised to be a very long shopping excursion. It seems that shopping was something that did not hold Jace’s*—- attention for very long. He would become bored very easily. This always meant trouble as Jace*—- must be either thoroughly involved with whatever is happening or he will find his own ways of entertaining himself. Well, it only took about an hour, and lunch for him to lose interest. It seems as though his daughter had her fill as well. His wife losing patience with them both, cut them loose in the mall so she could shop in peace. Little did she know that was going to be far from what she had hoped. Jace*—- and his daughter went to their stores of interest one being a toy store. After playing with various items and getting looks of annoyance they set their eyes on a few water guns. These were not the huge mega ones, but just the small hand held ones with power. At this point I would just see in my minds eye the things that could be going on in Jace’s—- brain. Oh the things my man can some up with, it’s truly amazing how his mind works. With their purchase in a bag, they decided to go get a cookie. He got his daughter the cookie of her choice.  They sat close by for her to eat it. Jace*—- noticed the shrubbery that would be perfect for camouflage. So as his wheels turned in his mind, he noticed bathrooms close by. He told his daughter his plan and she was quite excited. So, they were to go to the bathroom one at a time to save their perfect location. That was a success. Their water guns cocked and loaded. They took their time as Jace*—-showed her how to take aim and to make a perfect shot. She took the Cookie Man into view and executed a perfect hit. Confused and wondering where the water had come from, he looked around but could not figure where the source was coming from. Before the Cookie Man could finish his search, Jace*—- had him locked into view and made a perfect connection. This went on for a minute or two, while the two of them tried to contain their laughter. But their fun came to an end when the mall security tapped him on the shoulder. They were reprimanded and told they must leave the mall. Jace*—- told them that they were there with his wife and could not just leave her there. So, security proceeded to announce over the loud speaker that “Laurie Shelton” was to meet them at the information booth. She showed up quickly worried as to why she would be called. When told the story she was madder than a hornet and embarrassed.  Jace*—- was in the dog house for more than a few days as you can image her rage.

I so enjoyed his adventure. But I had to wonder, knowing Jace*—- why she would not have seen him and his mischievous nature that something surely was going to happen. It’s like putting a kid in a candy store unattended. I would have shaken my head and laughed.

So, with that, I told him how much I loved him. He told me that he loved the way I accepted him and shared his weird sense of humor. We had a standing joke, of how lucky we were that all of my personalities got along with all of his personalities. We were so blessed to have each other. Even so I grew to love this man more each day, even after his death.

Next more time apart.

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