Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: A wonderful conversation (42)

I had such an amazing conversation with my man last night. We were on the phone for 4 hours. You may wonder what we could possibly talk about for that long. My Jace*—- is quite conversationalist. He is very knowledgeable, has a bevy of life experiences and very entertaining. What more could one want? He is also an excellent listener and eager to help in either advice or solving a problem. Not to mention he will have you laughing all the while.

Tonight, he was in a very loving and romantic mood. He said such endearing things to me. We started our conversation out as usual by discussing what had happen in our days. But then he changed the discussion and really surprised me by letting me know that he had turned in some applications in California at Midas shops. Seems that he applied through the internet in such places like Torrance, the Valley, Los Angeles area, and as he put it, “in one of the places you told me not too.” He quickly added, “not to worry I can take care of myself.” As for taking care of himself, I have no doubt about that. I’ve heard from his friends that he is very fast and throws a mean punch. However, this is not Texas where you can carry a gun on you or in your car as a lot of Texans do. He said that California isn’t a big state, it’s just oblong. My love has not yet been on the Los Angeles freeways, especially the 405. What a nightmare. He thinks that his boss may have been already contacted by some of the California Midas Stores. The boss may try to sabotage Jace*—- because he really doesn’t want to lose him as a manger. Jace*—- has turned around this store and has also turned around the other 2 stores that his boss owns. I believe he would be able to say what he wants because Texas is a right to work state and his boss is always looking out only for himself. We will find out and if so, he will take another avenue as he mentioned, such as teaching. He would be an excellent teacher. I agreed that I would pick up a few applications at the local school districts as he asked me to and would mail them out to him to look over. He told me he would keep me informed.

I am truly excited that he has taken these steps forward in our relationship. Being so happy and elated I only showed him a calm and pleased attitude. I didn’t show him my true feelings. After all I didn’t want to scare him away. He had spoke to me before about moving to Redondo Beach, but this was a real step forward. But as Jace*—- has often said, “He is a man of action.”

Seems as if he is determined to move here. I would love him to live with me. I would greet him with open arms if that should happen. He explained that he was not just moving out here to relocate, for another job opportunity, or even fishing. He wants to come out to experience me and experience us more deeply.

He told me I was his place of solace, his refuge, a safe place, the one that helps him through it all when he is in his nineth ending. That I am so good to him. He expressed that he learns from me each time we talk, that I show him so much love and kindness. He thought that, “Maybe God is not mad at him anymore, because he had brought me to him.” I told him that it was easy for me to be that way because, I love him so much. Then he called me Mrs. Cindy Shelton and referred to himself as my husband. I nearly fell off the chair. We both spoke of never getting married again when we first met and now, he says this. I just said to myself, Cindy keep your cool. I thought to myself, what a beautiful mess we were in.  I could tell that he was really missing me too. He mentioned that he hoped he could get a weeks’ vacation. He would buy a ticket and come out and spend it with me. I would be so happy for that to happen.

We brought our conversation to a close telling each other of how much we loved each other. That we couldn’t wait to see each other again. When we hung up, I didn’t want to talk with anyone else that night. I wanted Jace’s*—– voice and words to be the last thing I heard. He was my Mr. Right.

Next more time away, but another one of his stories.

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