To Know Me Is To Know My Family: Halloween on the Farm (25)

Trick or treating on the farm was very simple. There was not a lot of money. Neighbors were far apart, so they only went to a few farms. Even so it was met with much excitement and enthusiasm.

My sisters and brother were always excited to see what they would be for Halloween. Because money was not plentiful, their costumes usually were just a mask from the local 5 and Dime Store or they would take the sheets off their beds and make them into Ghosts. Whatever the costume was my siblings were very excited and happy to be celebrating Halloween.  

After getting in their costumes, they would grab the pillow cases for collecting their treats and they were off to trick or treat with our parents. The whole Halloween experience only involved a few farms. One of the farms they visited was across the street and then there was the Apple Orchard. They would always get an apple from there. I can image what it would be like to walk through the orchard on a cold Halloween night, kind of spooky. Seeing shadows from the trees in the Moon light. Seeing movement of the trees, and animals. But all in all my siblings felt protected because our parents were there to protect them. Mom would never allow my siblings to go to one resident on the street. He was a man whom lived by himself. Mom just didn’t have a good feeling about him. Candy Corn was always a special treat provided by my parents for the kids.

The night would end early because my siblings where young. The kids would look over all the goodies that they had collected and looked forward to when they could have a goody the next day. But none-the-less it was an exciting time on the farm.

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