Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: Can I get past the pain? Ghost hunting may be a distraction (56)

At the end of our last phone call Jace*—- asked if he would be could continue to call me. I told him yes. I just couldn’t comprehend life without him, yet the fear of being hurt again was to fresh and oh so real. So, time marches on and my indecisiveness continues. But I am unable to ignore his calls. Each time I see his name on my phone ID my heart skips a beat. We keep our conversations light. He mildly flirts with me. It is complimentary and as always very supportive and I cherish that, I live for it, but I just can’t go of the fear of the pain if he finds someone else and leaves me again.

I think I will to go on a little vacation to get my mind off of it all. I need to do something. I ask for Angie and her boyfriend to come with me. We choose to go to Tombstone, Arizona. I’ve always been drawn to this place and have come to realize that Jace*— and I had a former life time there. I wonder if being there will trigger some past life memories. Also, I love haunted places. It will give me more experience for my mediumship. For those of you that do not know I am a psychic Medium. I have had abilities since childhood and my Mother has abilities as well.

Our first stop is Tucson, Arizona, where we spent the night at the Ghost Ranch. The name of the Motel got my attention. This trip was to get my mind off of my relationship or lack of it with Jace—-. I needed to try to get my head clear. What better way than for me to go hunting ghosts. Since a child, I’ve been fascinated with spirits. My favorite things to watch as a child was, Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Topper series, and my all-time favorite movie “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

As we drove into Tucson and up to the Ghost Ranch, I wasn’t picking up much on any paranormal activity. It certainly was the right setting. There was a full moon, and we were experiencing rain, lightning and thunder. My very favorite weather. It was rumored that a ghost haunted the grounds of this ranch. Being it was a native I believe. Honestly, I didn’t see, feel or communicated with it. So, not sure if it didn’t come out because of the weather, lol, or that it just wasn’t available. Needless to say, we watched the glorious light show that God provided for us. Later that night I received a phone call from Jace*—-. It was pleasant, just kind of like checking in on me and telling me of his day to day. I loved sharing his days with him. His outlooks for the most part were always humorous. I never have meet anyone with such a gifted way with words and just a great sense of humor. As much as I love hearing from him, it brings the pain back fresh to my heart. I didn’t tell him I was in Arizona. Not sure why I didn’t. His was the last voice I heard before I went to sleep that night like so many times before. Something I loved about our relationship.

The next day we were up early to be on our way to Tombstone, for sure there would be some ghosts there for me to visit. The rain was gone and the skies were blue and clear. The drive was easy and pleasant. As we rolled into Tombstone, the hair on the back of my neck, stood up straight. Yes, my request would be honored here today. I would be visiting with some ghosts for sure. Now to decide exactly where we would go. There is so much to experience in this city. First on the outskirts of town we visited Boot Hill Cemetery. It was very interesting and insightful. There was paranormal activity there, but nothing like what we would soon experience.

  We walked Main Street, stopping in at many of the saloons on the way, retracing the steps of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. It’s a very eerie feeling for sure.  I felt many presents of spirits, but one in particular felt as though it was following me and watching my every move.

The most haunted and active place by far was the Birdcage Theater. Once we set foot in that place, many spirits came out to show themselves. The one that was very vocal was on the main floor. Her name was Gold Dollar and she was a Soiled Dove. A very active prostitute in the glory days of Tombstone. She did have a favorite John, but that did not hold her back (forgive the pun) from her parade of customers. When I saw her, she was standing behind a cowboy who was playing poker at one of the tables that was a 24-hour game that continued for years. She smiled at me and told me her name. Funny because I had been drawn to her grave at Boot Hill earlier that day. The presence that followed me that day, I would soon find out was none other than Doc Holliday. We knew each other in my former life time I had experience there with Jace*—-, but that will be a story for another time later in my writings of this blog.

My paranormal activity had been satisfied for the time being. It was time to leave Tombstone and go to Phoenix where we would spend the night.

The next day we would return to Cali. As we traveled along the highway back home, traffic was going very fast and the trucks were out in force. We were in the fast lane when it felt as though the truck behind us was trying to drive us off the rode with his aggressiveness. Which is what happened. We went into a gully that separated us from on going traffic. It was as if the car took on a mind of its own. We were going fast down into the ditch which was landscaped with brush, mesquite trees and boulders. We really should have flipped frontend over end of the car, but God was with us and we didn’t. I remember thinking, I wasn’t expect this was the way I was going to end my life. Then a sense of calm came over me and I was told we would be alright. Just then I looked out my window and saw a branch of a mesquite tree. My guides told me to look the other way which I did in what seemed to be slow motion. The branch blew out my whole window. When we came to a stop. I turned off the engine. I asked if everyone was alright. Miraculously, we were all in one piece. I told the kids to get out of the car immediately, incase the car might catch on fire. But it did not. Very quickly, the highway was backed up and 3 people came running down to us. One was a trucker who had been an ambulance driver in the past, the other was a young man who was on his way to see his grandfather who was on his death bed. The young man way a paramedic. The third man was a family man, a former trucker who came down to see if he could help out. Quite a collection of earth angels I would say sent from the otherside. The paramedic came forward, introducing himself, asking if we were hurt. You could see that he was assessing the situation. He walked up to me first and I told him I was alright but I was worried about my daughter who I thought might be in shock. He said, he would check her out after he took a look at my little finger which had blood on it. I hadn’t even seen the blood nor felt any pain. It was not broken, just cut from the flying glass. He took my vitals and was contented that I seemed to be ok. He then went to my daughter who was visibly in distress. He took her vitals. He came back over to me and said she would be alright. Her boyfriend was without injury as well. As for the car, there was a cracked windshield, the passenger’s front fender was messed up and of course my window was no longer in existence. The former truck driver asked if he could do anything for me. I asked him to drive my car out of the ditch and place it on the highway. He was able to do it and I was very thankful because I am not sure if I would have been able to get it out of that steep incline. I also got the sense that there would be a flat tire. The other gentleman, the truck driver called the police and stayed with us until he arrived. We thanked everyone as they left. Shortly, the police arrived. I gave him my statement. Then he asked if that was my car parked on the highway with a flat tire. I said yes and secretly thanked my guides for telling me to have it driven up there. He asked Angie’s boyfriend if he knew how to change a tire and the answer was no. The policeman said, “You are about to learn.” He told Angie and myself to stay put and he would be back for us when the tire was fixed. When the tired had been changed he came back to get us. He stopped the traffic so that we could cross the highway. Then he told me that I was expected to head back to a city about 20 miles back to buy a tire to replace my temporary one. That it was not safe to drive all the way back to California on that tire. Then he said he would guide me to the other side of the highway and follow me all the way back to the tire store. It seems it was the only one open on Sunday. I was a bit put out about it. Of course, I did not let him know. But I had no other choice.

Once we got the new tire and finally got back on the highway to Cali, I realized that there was something wrong with my frontend alignment, suspension and axel. We ended up driving only 40 mph all the way home. It was a long drive. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with the car or if we would we even make it home. Ugh, I just wanted to get back.

We made it I don’t know how many hours later. We unpacked, put some plastic over the window. I got undressed and took off my bra, I was shocked to see when a bunch of pieces of glass from the window fall out. Well, all in all we were home, safe and everyone was in one piece so I had to be thankful for that. Tomorrow was another day. It would be full of trying to figure what I would do about my car.

Next, a call for guidance to Jace*—-

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