Our Story from Start to Beyond the Grave: (59)

Phone calls were no longer so far in between, but they were not everyday either. He never called 2 days in a row and sometimes he would go up to 10 day’s between calls. We always had pleasant conversations. We would talk about his day or mine, what was new with the family, or he would tell me one of his most enjoyable stories. We never talked about our break up or the woman he had dated. It was all left behind….. at least temporarily.

It was now May, 5 months since our break up. He continued to invite me to visit him, in a round about way and I continued to stall him. I truly wasn’t trying to be unkind or to lead him on, I just did not want to revisit him breaking up with me again. His words, “This long distance thing just isn’t working for me,” echoed in my ear over and over again.

I decided to go to Hawaii and take all of my daughters, their boyfriend, husband and grandsons with me. It was a big move for me as the first and only time I went there was with Jace*—-. We had the best time and I knew memories would haunt me. Still, I wanted to take my kids to enjoy a family vacation. Angie suggested I take Jace*—- with us, but I wasn’t ready to invite him into my life on that basis. Just not yet. I decided not to tell Jace*—- of our trip. We were off to Oahu, where we did different things then what I had done with Jace*—-. I had a great time, but there was times of sadness and remembrances that made my heart miss him even more. One day we all decided to meet at the pool, so I told the kids I would meet them down there. I went up to my room and was thinking that I would join them in about 20 minutes. I just needed to have a few minutes to myself as I was missing Jace*—-. While shedding a few tears deep in thought about Jace*—-, the phone rang. I didn’t look at the ID, I just figured it probably was one of the kids asking me why I hadn’t joined them as of yet. But I heard that deep Texas accent, that made my heart flutter, made me melt and I sat down thinking it would be just like him to call me while I was in our Hawaii. It just made my head swirl. We talked for an hour. I didn’t tell him that I was in Hawaii. Why, because I felt bad that he was not there with me, that I had not invited him, and I didn’t want to revisit our time in Hawaii with him over the phone as it would just hurt to much. Although, Jace*—- never wanted to admit that he had psychic abilities, he surely had them. I know he felt my sadness and that was why he called. Because his first words were, “Babe are you ok. I got the urge that something was not right in your world, so I had to call.” Our bond was very strong and our connection was still very much there. I knew when he was having a bad day, even if we hadn’t talked and he knew how I felt as well. I told him that it just was a hard day and that I was depressed. He of course said, “You should come here Babe. You can get away and I will be able to be here for you.” I thanked him and said, I couldn’t get away right now. God, how I love that man. After the call, I went to the pool and enjoyed my time with my children. The trip was a success. We went around the whole island. We went to a Luau, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and the Dole Plantation, just name a few. It was time to get back to reality, home again. We all went back to work, but it was truly an enjoyable experience.

Next We connect over the book I was writing about our former life time.

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