To Know Me Is To Know My Family: (29)

Weather is changing outcome the gloves

Snow sometimes would start to fall in December in Olympia, Washington and of course continue through the winter season. Money was not always the best during the winter months because most crops did not grow. The Olympia Cannery did not hire as many people during the winter month because instead of canning fruits and vegetables, they would mostly can meat or fish during that time of year. Most of the year my parents would try to prepare for the winter. Mom would be busy canning during the spring and summer to help with food. Luckily, they still had chickens and the cow Summertime for milk. Dad would get various jobs during the winter that would be available.

Along with the colder weather and snow it meant whole different clothing for my sisters and brother. Because times were hard, the three of them had only 1 pair of gloves, 1 set of boots and only 1 snowsuit. They each had a coat. Because they had to share their gloves, boots and snowsuit only one of them were allowed to go out and play in the snow. The other two sibs would watch from the window in the warm house along with our Mom. She would try to time them so that they could have equal time outside. Sometimes one of the sibs would start a snowman and when it was time for one of the other sibs to go out to play, they would continue to build the snowman.  

One day in particular Henry was outside playing in the snow, Alanna was getting anxious waiting on his turn to be over. Henry was called in to change turns with Alanna. Seems he wasn’t quite finished playing. This upset Alanna. Soon, Mom would have to go out into the snow to have Henry come back in to the house. Alanna was then given the next turn but let us remember that she could not just immediately go out to play, because first they had to take the gloves, boots and snowsuit off of Henry and then suit Alanna up. But all in all, they look at their playtime in the snow fondly. As they got older and started to attend school there would be snow days, which was always fun because they got to spend time at home in the warm house and play in the snow as well.

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